Tuesday, November 24, 2009

The Effigies - Live At Reggie's Chicago, IL 2009

OK finally I got some time to get back on the posts. Been busy lately. Still editing videos and making DVDs for friends here at home. Last weekend I was in San Francisco for the Cock Sparrer shows up there. Good times. Didn't film those ones though. Pirate Press already had it covered. So look out for that DVD soon. So going back to Chicago, here's a great set from the Effigies. Now they weren't part of the actual Riot Fest, they just happened to play at some bar after Naked Raygun played at The Metro. I got the chance to have a word with John Kezdy before they went on stage. In his own words, he had this to say about the Riot Fest: " We didn't get invited to play." Kinda sad, huh? One of the true punk pioneers in Chicago & they got excluded from the biggest Riot Fest to date. Well, at least they did play while I was there and I'm now able to share it all with you.

They played a great mixture of both old & new. There were titles from the Haunted Town E.P., the Body Bag 7", & their new album, Reside. In fact their opening song was even newer than the new album. Didn't catch the name, so I just titled it "I Get By". In my opinion it sounds even better than anything on Reside. But that's just me. So again I got the audio of the full set available for you, plus a couple videos. I got video of the whole show, but I won't post them all here. There will be a couple more posted on You Tube. Now about You Tube, I must admit I've never been a big fan. But all in all I can't deny that they have one of the best video players available on the net. At least compared to the one here on blogger. Makes my videos look like crap. Uploaded to You Tube still ain't as good as the raw footage, but a definite improvement. So there you go. Enjoy!

Live At Reggie's Chicago, IL 2009

I Get By
Cold Plate
Strong Box
Baby Sleeps Alone
The Guv'ner
Haunted Town
The Full Weight Of Failure
Mob Clash
Body Bag
Get It

P.S. I'll get the Raygun video's uploaded to You Tube as well. Soon.