Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Arthur's Dilemma

Another one of those New York bands that hid under some kind of rock that never got discovered. This one's a bit of a mystery. Not too much information on this band. I do believe they released another 7" prior to this one. Released on their own? Cuntagious records in 1979, it was never got issued with a picture sleeve. Could this be another one of those American bands with an English singer? Like The Tenant? Not too sure. If anyone has any info, please do chime in. Enjoy!

Up To You7"

Up To You
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Thursday, April 23, 2009

The Twenty Seven

The Twenty Seven were another band from Detroit. Their record was released in 1979 on Tremor Records (Tremor 006). A mediocre effort, sounding more glam than punk. Only half way descent song is Catastrophe. The other two have a weird, out of place synth & the first just plain sucks. Oh well, you be the judge. Enjoy!

The Twenty Seven 7"

Don't Go To Extremes
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Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Cold Cock

It's about time! After a year & a half, finally! My 100th post! (I'm not very good at this shit, huh?) For the somewhat special occasion, I decided to post one of my all time favorite 7". Now I know I've said that about alot of records on this this site, but this time I really mean it. When it comes to 70's punk, this record & The Next's Make It Quick 7" are my hand's down favorite.

So here we are with a little band from the great city of Detroit, Michigan named Cold Cock. I know, I know, the name is just too damn humorous! But the music is f'n great!! Released in 1979 on their own Cold Cock label, the A-side was comped on none other than Killed By Death Volume 1. Although many other punk 7'' of the time usually only had one good track on them, this definitely was not the case here. The flipside is just as strong as the other. The band didn't release much else besides a track off the Detroit On A Platter compilation. Much more was needed from such a great band. Enjoy!

Cold Cock 7"

I Wanna Be Rich
You're A Mess
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Thursday, April 16, 2009

Chain Gang

Another great band out of New York City, Chain Gang released the Son Of Sam 7" in 1977 on Kapitalist records. One of my favorite punk records ever! The title track is a classic. The guitar sounds like a jagged edged saw cutting it's way into your skull. The b-side is just as good as the a, just a bit less manic. Enjoy!

Son Of Sam 7"

Son Of Sam
Gary Gilmore & The Island Of Dr. Moreau
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Tuesday, April 14, 2009

The Luchs Brothers

Here's a nasty little 7" out of Chicago circa 1978. The Luchs Brothers debut with their single Kill Me I'm Rotten. A vile anthem filled with sarcasm pointed towards none other than Johnny Rotten. Here's a excerpt from Collector Scum:

Kill Me I'm Rotten was written in 10 minutes after my first
exposure to the voice of Johnny Rotten, which I thought was
one of the funniest things I'd ever heard, and to which I
wanted to pay some kind of comedic homage. To this day, I'm
amazed at how little press is devoted to the humor of the
Sex Pistols and how seriously everybody takes punk. The
idea that this man has made a living from singing all these
years is, to me, hilarious. [Kurt Luchs]

The flipside is more of a novelty song, but still quite humorous. My favorite part is when the chipmunks chime in. Enjoy!

Kill Me I'm Rotten 7''

Kill Me I'm Rotten
Losing My Lunch
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Thursday, April 9, 2009

Snuky Tate

Here's one of my favorite 7" out of the San Francisco area circa 1979. Snuky Tate's debut record is 70's punk at it's rawest. He was one of the few black punk artists of the time. Members of The Mutants were in his backing band. Stage Talk was comped on Killed By Death # 8.5. The original record was released on the Blackmouth label with a yellow cover. Here we got the 2002 reissue on Blammo with a green cover. Original is going for up to $200 to $300. Definitely not affordable. Enjoy!

Who Cares 7''

New Time
Stage Talk (Zepplin Yell)
High Hopes
Can You Dance To It
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Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Jimi Lalumia & The Psychotic Frogs

I apologize for the recent utter negligence. No excuses really, just another lazy episode. But I promise the following weeks will make up for the lost time. A very special treat for all you 70's KBD fans out there.

Let's kick things off with 1977's debut 7'' from Jimi Lalumia & The Psychotic Frogs. The band hailed from none other than New York City & played Max's Kansas City quite often. The title track is a humurous middle finger to the disco era. Flipside is a nice cover of the classic surf track Wipeout. Their vulgar X-rated version of the Beatles classic Eleanor Rigby found on the Typically Tasteless E.P. would go on to be comped on Killed By Death #14. I believe he's still going today with some kind of dance music. Total 180, I know. Enjoy!

Death To Disco 7''

Death To Disco
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