Wednesday, January 28, 2009

One Last Wish

Rites Of Spring disbanded in 1986. The remaining members (minus Michael Fellows) teamed up with Michael Hampton (Faith, Embrace) to form One Last Wish. They recorded only one session that same year at Inner Ear, but sadly was never released at the time. 13 years later it was finally released by Dischord on CD. If you love Rites Of Spring, you're gonna like One Last Wish. Enjoy!

One Last Wish

Burning In The Undertow
Break To Broken
Friendship Is Far
My Better Half
Loss Like A Seed
Three Unkind Silences
Sleep Of The Stage
One Last Wish
This Time
Home Is The Place
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Monday, January 26, 2009

Soul Side II

Soul Side's Bass 7'' (Dischord 34) was released in 1989 just before the Hot Bodi-Gram album. It contains two studio tracks and one live track. Enjoy!

Bass 7''

Otherside (Live)
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Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Repost: Kingface

Soul Side vocalist Bobby Sullivan had a brother named Mark Sullivan. He just happened to be the vocalist for another magnificent band named Kingface. Read more about them in my original post. If not, enjoy the new rip and new scans!


Crawl Into Tomorrow
I Don't Want To Be Anything
Lick The Moon
Like A King
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Monday, January 19, 2009

Marginal Man

After Artificial Peace broke up in 1982, Marginal Man was formed. The following year they went to Inner Ear to record an album with Don Zientara. It was released in 1984 as Identity (Dischord #13). Along with the Faith's Subject To Change album from the previous year, this album really showed the new melodic direction the D.C. scene was heading into. My favorite tracks are Missing Rungs, Emotional Scars, & of course, Marginal Man. Enjoy!


Missing Rungs
Torn Apart
Mental Picture
Pandora's Box
Fallen Pieces
Emotional Scars
Marginal Man
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Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Soul Side

Lunch Meat released a split 7'' with Mission Impossible in 1985. The next year the band changed their to Soul Side & released their first full length, Less Deep Inside Keeps (Dischord/Sammich 1986). Two years later they followed it up with my favorite album of theirs, Trigger. Many great songs like Problems Faced When Traveling, Name In Mind, & War. This album shows a great deal of progress not only in musicianship, but also lyric content. Great stuff. Enjoy!


Name In Mind
Problems Faced When Traveling
Pocket Hurts
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Monday, January 12, 2009


Here's one from Ian's little brother, Alec Mac Kaye. Not quite The Faith, but Ignition began where Subject To Change left off. The band consisted of ex Faith members Alec Mac Kaye & Chris Bald (Who switched from bass with the Faith & Embrace to guitar with Ignition), Chris Thompson on bass (also played with Lunchmeat & Soul Side), & Dante Ferrando on Drums (Also played with Iron Cross & Gray Matter). The band made there debut with the Sinker 7'' (Ignition Records 1987). Anxiety Asking sounds like it could have been on Subject To Change. Maybe it's just me. The band released one more 7'' and two albums. Enjoy!

Sinker 7''

Anxiety Asking
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Wednesday, January 7, 2009


In 1981 Minor Threat guitarist Lyle Preslar left D.C. for college in Illinois. During this time, remaining members Ian Mac Kaye & Jeff Nelson teamed up with future Rites Of Spring guitarist Eddie Janney & bassist John Falls to form the side project Skewbald. They recorded three songs that year at the Inner Ear Studios. In 1992 they were finally released on a one-sided clear 7'' as Dischord #50. Great material in the same vein as Minor Threat. Personally, I like these songs a bit more than most MT material. You decide! Enjoy!

Grand Union 7''

Sorry/Change For The Same
You're Not Fooling Me
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Monday, January 5, 2009

The Dicks III

These People (Alternative Tentacles 1985 Virus 43) was the bands second record to be released during their time in San Francisco. Being their final release, it was subject to many disappointing reviews. Despite what others may say, I still find this record to be quite enjoyable. Lost And Divided & Cities Are Burning are my two favorite tracks. You may be familiar with Dead In A Motel Room from their split with the Big Boys. Though it was written in 1980 with the original line-up, it was never recorded in the studio until this record. Enjoy!

These People

The Police (Force)
Off-Duty Sailor
Executive Dive
Sidewalk Begging
Lost And Divided
Dead In A Motel Room
Cities Are Burning
Doctor Daddy
Decent And Clean
Legacy Of Man
Little Rock n' Roller
George Jackson
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