Saturday, November 29, 2008

Crashdog II

Here's their second release with Andrew Mandell on vocals titled Outer Crust (1997 2 Jake Records). I posted Cashists, Fascist, And Other Fungus way back in January. This is a great follow up to that album. Many great songs here. Branded, Millstone Co., & GoDjudge just to name a few. Like I said before, these guys have always been one of my favorite bands. Great music with intelligent lyrics. Let's see if you all can guess where the intro comes from! Enjoy!

Outer Crust

Planned Parenthood
Violence Of Love
Fair Play
Easy Out
More Famouser
Billboard Justice
Millstone Co.
Forget My Name
Had To Be There
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Monday, November 24, 2008

The Crucified

Here's an amazing band out of Fresno,California. I'm not gonna attempt to call them christian punk as their first song on this release clearly states why. The Crucified started around 1984, played shows throughout California, & ended up disbanding sometime in 1993. This was their seconds cassette release titled Nailed. It was recorded in 1986, but didn't get released til the following year. 7 songs, 7 thrashers, none over two minutes. Just the way I like it.

Sure they had certain beliefs & different views, but the music rocks! Isn't that all that matters? If you all like this one, let me know and I'll post their first release Take Up Your Cross. More diverse, but just as good. Enjoy!


I'm Not A Christian Punk
Death To Death
Your Image
God In A Cage
Crucified With Christ
Give It Up
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Thursday, November 20, 2008

Plasma Alliance

Here's a radically political band out of Ohio. Plasma Alliance released their We Can't Wait E.P. on Michigan's Depression Records in 1985. A blazing 11 tracks in under 15 minutes. Great cover too. The record came with like 50 inserts.(Ok maybe only 8, but that's still a lot!) Some with little drawings & some with political agendas & what not. I uploaded a few of them for your viewing pleasure. Enjoy!

We Can't Wait E.P.

Fernault Must Halt
Move Comes To Shove
United We Stand
5 Years Later/America
Please Peace
Peace & Freedom
We Can't Wait
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Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Born Without A Face

Their name, cover, & sound; just one huge pile of murderous filth. I love it! Out of Grand Rapids, Michigan, they were one of the lesser known bands to come from the state of The Fix, Negative Approach, Necros, & Violent Apathy. The Unbecoming E.P. was their first official release breaking out in 1986. They had two demo tapes prior to this E.P., Freakshow & Psyche I believe. You can find Freakshow at Lo-Res Viscera, still trying to track down the other one.

After the E.P. they had two tracks off the There's A Method To Our Madness comp. & another E.P. titled Worship. Not much from this great band, but whatever you get a hold of, snag it! It's all great! Enjoy!

The Unbecoming E.P.

Black Narcissus
The Next Big Thing
Stubborn Beast Flesh
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Saturday, November 15, 2008

Re Post: Bhopal Stiffs

I met this guy last night at the Face To Face show at HOB in Anaheim that complimented me on my Naked Raygun shirt. Started talking about another Chicago band, Pegboy, to which I had asked him if he had heard Vince & Steve's first band, Bhopal Stiffs. To my surprise he hadn't. I told him about this site of mine where he could find all their music plus many other great Chicago bands. Not too sure if he would remember the site name seeing as he was pretty drunk. So if you did and you found it, this one's for you, & if you didn't then this one's for everyone else who's been wanting this since the link went dead. If you want more info on the band check out my original post here. Enjoy!

P.S. Fuck the House Of Blues! Racist Bastards! Got kicked out of last weeks F2F show cause some 6'5 white guy started shit with me & my girl. I'm only 5'8 and they kick me out saying I fronted him. Fat ass white security guard threw me out and said "Get out of here you fucking mexican!" I replied, "I bet you voted for McCain, didn't you?" Security: "You goddamn right I did!" I just laughed & said, "Guess what? Colors win bitch!" Don't you just love the racist world we live in?

Bhopal Stiffs 7''

Not Just My Head
One Track Head


Bottle It Up
Road To Bhopal
I Came For You
I Can Do It
Too Many Things
Get Both
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Wednesday, November 12, 2008

No Trend II

Much to my dismay, I had no idea I had requests for the live No Trend show when I posted their Inner Ear Session way back when. So now that I figured out how to get updated on new comments, here you go! Recorded in 1983 at The Marble Bar in Baltimore, MD. This set features 5 songs that are not found on neither the inner ear session or any of their other records. Good stuff. Enjoy!

Note: If you've never heard Karma Nights off their second album, then please for god's sake get it here! Perhaps their best recorded song. Ridiculously awesome! KARMA! KARMA NIGHTS! Makes me wanna do the jitterbug.

Live At The Marble Bar 1983

Turn Away
Blow Dry
Polyester Man
Kiss Ass
Teen Love
Mass Sterilization
Hanging Out In Georgetown
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Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Minor Threat/Youth Brigade

Here's a nice Austrian comp. that's got both Minor Threat's & Youth Brigade's first demos. Never been that big of a Minor Threat fan, so I've always loved the Youth Brigade side. Especially since it has four unreleased tracks not found on their sole E.P. The tracks here are much more raw then the ones found on their seven inch. Get this if not only for the thirty three seconds of pure manic bliss that is I Object. Great stuff. Enjoy!

(#2 on the Minor Threat side says it's Filler, but it's really Stand Up.)

Minor Threat/ Youth Brigade Demos

Minor Threat

Minor Threat
Stand Up
I'm Seein' Red
I Don't Wanna Hear It
Small Man Big Mouth
Straight Edge
Guilty Of Being White
In My Eyes

Youth Brigade

I Object
Full Speed Ahead
Last Word
Waste Of Time
Youth Brigade
Snow Job
Moral Majority
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Saturday, November 8, 2008

The Dicks II

Peace? 7'' recorded in San Francisco with Spot. Released on R Radical records in 1984. What the hell can I say about these guys? If you don't know them by now, then you need to be shot! Believe me, it's from the heart.

Peace? 7''

No Fuckin' War
Nobody Asked Me
I Hope You Get Drafted
Get It

Re-Ups II

Quite disappointing. I finally took the time to go through all the posts here on I Have A Brain In My Ass. It seems as though all links up to last month's Volcano Suns Greasy Spine 7'' have either been looped or deleted. That's a whole shit load of music gone. Like I said, quite disappointing. I now have the difficult task of going through all the posts (all the way back to Dec. 2007!) & re-uploading them all using sharebee. It will take some time, but please bear with me. Believe me, I hate going to sites & finding something I've been searching for for quite sometime, just to find out the link is dead. So for for all you music lovers out there, don't despair! I'll be re-uploading all posts starting with the most recent ones. I'll also include some new artwork scans. If anyone would like to see any certain one post re-upped sooner, please let know and I'll make those priority. For now, both Squirrel Bait records are back up due to requests. Long live great music!

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Really Red

I'm not too sure exactly what it was about Texas that inspired so many pissed off kids to make so much great music. From bands like The Next, Hates, Huns, & Legionaire's Disease Band to The Dicks, Big Boys, Offenders, MDC, & of course, Really Red. All their records were released on their own CIA records, starting with the Crowd Control 7'' in 1979. The next year came the Modern Needs 7''. 1981 saw the release of both the Despise Moral Majority E.P. & the magnificently untouchable Teaching You The Fear LP. With 1982 came perhaps their best 7'', the New Strings For Old Puppets E.P.

As their final output, the Rest In Pain LP came out in 1985. Released a year after they had already disbanded, this album may not be as great as their last two releases, but it still harvested some great songs. Youth Culture For Sale is still one of my favorite tracks along with Nobody Rules, Personal Hell, & Balance of Terror. On second thought, this album is just as great as their two previous. The only tracks that bring the album down are the agonizing Star Mangled Banner & the unbelivably excruciating Just The Facts, Ma'am. So there you have it, legitimate rips of every record from one the greatest Texan bands ever. (except for Teaching You The Fear which comes from a remastered CD. What are you gonna do?) Enjoy!

Rest In Pain

Youth Culture For Sale
Balance Of Terror
Personal Hell
Let The Night Roar (With Us)
Hang 'Em High
Star Mangled Banner (Live)
Nobody Rules
War Sucks
Just The Facts, Ma'am
Get It


It's recently come to my attention that Zshare has been looping certain links. I found out my Rifle Sport Voice Of Reason post was one of these. I've re-uploaded the link which you can find here. If Zshare continues to loop links I'll be forced to use a different host. If anyone comes across any other looped or disabled links and wishes to have them re-uploaded, please notify me and this will be done so right away. Thanks!