Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Riot Fest 2009 - Pegboy

Gonna keep this one short and sweet. Here's some footage along with all the audio from the Pegboy show at the Congress Theatre. Great show & I was quite glad to see John Haggerty play. Along with Larry Damore as well. I'll have the last Riot Fest installment within the next couple days. Enjoy!

Riot Fest 2009 (Live At The Congress Theatre)

Through My Fingers
Field Of Darkness
Time Again
Strong Reaction
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Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Riot Fest 2009 - 88 Fingers Louie

Here we got footage of the long awaited 88 Fingers Louie reunion show. I have to say I am a big fan, but I was kinda disappointed. I mean the music was great as ever, but Dennis just can't sing no more. I guess that's what happens when you grow old. So does your voice! His vocals really started to give out towards the end, especially in songs like I've Won. But despite this, it was still a great show. I'm glad I finally got to see them. Played a pretty good set as well. Though the set at their first reunion show in August was even better! Of course they had more time to play. Check out the music and videos and see what you think. More to come!

Riot Fest 2009 (Live At The Congress Theatre)

Pent Up
Selfish Means
Outright Lies
Slow Chorus Overlap
100 Proof
Tomorrow Starts Today
Go Away
Past Mistakes
I've Won
I Hate Myself
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Tuesday, November 24, 2009

The Effigies - Live At Reggie's Chicago, IL 2009

OK finally I got some time to get back on the posts. Been busy lately. Still editing videos and making DVDs for friends here at home. Last weekend I was in San Francisco for the Cock Sparrer shows up there. Good times. Didn't film those ones though. Pirate Press already had it covered. So look out for that DVD soon. So going back to Chicago, here's a great set from the Effigies. Now they weren't part of the actual Riot Fest, they just happened to play at some bar after Naked Raygun played at The Metro. I got the chance to have a word with John Kezdy before they went on stage. In his own words, he had this to say about the Riot Fest: " We didn't get invited to play." Kinda sad, huh? One of the true punk pioneers in Chicago & they got excluded from the biggest Riot Fest to date. Well, at least they did play while I was there and I'm now able to share it all with you.

They played a great mixture of both old & new. There were titles from the Haunted Town E.P., the Body Bag 7", & their new album, Reside. In fact their opening song was even newer than the new album. Didn't catch the name, so I just titled it "I Get By". In my opinion it sounds even better than anything on Reside. But that's just me. So again I got the audio of the full set available for you, plus a couple videos. I got video of the whole show, but I won't post them all here. There will be a couple more posted on You Tube. Now about You Tube, I must admit I've never been a big fan. But all in all I can't deny that they have one of the best video players available on the net. At least compared to the one here on blogger. Makes my videos look like crap. Uploaded to You Tube still ain't as good as the raw footage, but a definite improvement. So there you go. Enjoy!

Live At Reggie's Chicago, IL 2009

I Get By
Cold Plate
Strong Box
Baby Sleeps Alone
The Guv'ner
Haunted Town
The Full Weight Of Failure
Mob Clash
Body Bag
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P.S. I'll get the Raygun video's uploaded to You Tube as well. Soon.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Riot Fest 2009 - Naked Raygun

So it's been about two weeks since I've been back. I know I was supposed to keep you guys updated everyday out there and what not. But things just got busy with sightseeing during the day, and all the shows at night. We saw 8 different shows in 4 nights! Pretty hectic. But it was great. I got great footage of a lot of the bands. The first night we missed the Butthole Surfers. Kinda sucks cause I wanted to see them, but by the time we flew in, checked into the hotel, and grabbed a bite to eat, they had already played. All the shows were early ones. Ending no later than 10:30 or 11:00. Curfew for all the kiddies.

So as I mentioned before, I didn't get video of 7 Seconds, just audio. Got Kevin Seconds "acoustic" set though. (It was supposed to be acoustic, but no one had an acoustic guitar!) So I'll get that up later. Next night was No Empathy, Rights Of The Accused, & Naked Raygun. Showed up late so we missed No Empathy. Real bummer. Caught Rights Of The Accused, but only got first half on video. Some security jackass came around & made me stop recording. Even went as far as telling me to delete what I just recorded in front of him. So me not being a dumbass deleted another video in front of him. I at least got an audio recording of the rest of their show.

Then it was time for Raygun! Great show as always. They played a great set, about 23 songs in all. They even played 4 new songs! Or least ones I haven't heard before, so they should be new. My favorite new tune was Growing Away. (I think that's what it was called) Great classic sounding Raygun. So since I knew security was on the look out for me, I unfortunately couldn't record the whole show. I had to pick and choose songs to record. That really sucked. There's too many great songs! All in all I got about six of the 23 on video. Doesn't do justice I know, but what can ya do?! Again I at least got audio for the entire show so it wasn't a total loss. So here I got for you are two of the six videos & all 23 audio recordings. If you guys wanna see the other videos, let me know and I'll post those too. Stay tuned for more Riot Fest footage! Enjoy!

Riot Fest 2009 (Live At The Metro)

Home Of The Brave
Backlash Jack
Iron Maiden
Walk In Cold
Dog At Large
Growing Away
Vanilla Blue
Surf Combat
Hips Swingin'
Hot Atomics
The Strip
I Don't Know
Knock Me Down
Rat Patrol
Unknown I/Unknown II
Wonder Beer
New Dreams
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P.S. New ones are Iron Maiden, Growing Away, and the two unknowns. Didn't catch the names of those two but I'm pretty sure they're new. Titles might be wrong so don't get mad!

Friday, October 9, 2009

Riot Fest 2009 - 7 Seconds

Day 2 of the Riot Fest here in Chicago. Well, yesterday was, today's the 3rd. Yesterday was 7 Seconds at the Beat Kitchen. Got a few audio tracks from the show. Got there about 15 min. into their set, so it was already a packed house. It was much too dark in there, so the video came out kinda crappy. After the show, Kevin Seconds played an "acoustic" set at the Cobra Lounge. Great show & got great video of that show. Post that later. In the mean time enjoy these tracks recorded last night. Heading to the Raygun show now!

Riot Fest 2009 (Live At The Beat Kitchen)

Committed For Life
In Your Face
Walk Together, Rock Together
Here's Your Warning
If The Kids Are United
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Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Naked Raygun III

Quick last minute post before I get on the plane! Here's Raygun's 2nd album, All Rise. Great stuff if you don't already have it. Gotta make it short, not too much time before we leave. While I'm there, I'll try to keep you guys updated each day with pictures & videos of each show. If I got time. Til next time!

All Rise

Home Of The Brave
Dog At Large
Knock Me Down
Mr. Gridlock
The Strip
I Remember
Those Who Move
The Envelope
Backlash Jack
New Dreams
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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

The Effigies III

It's a shame these guys aren't playing Riot Fest this year. Maybe we'll get lucky & they'll play a secret show, but I won't keep my fingers crossed. So today I got for you their infamous Remains Nonviewable 7". Or otherwise better known as the Body Bag 7".
This truly is a stellar record. If you don't know this song by now, then you need to put away your crappy Sex Pistols Cd's & get on board with some real shit. This song was known to start riots. Hell I wanna start one every time I hear it! With the erie xylophone intro to the opening drums, each pound of the drum is like a punch to the face.

Now in no way did The Effigies ever advocate violence. Just take a look at the insert headed "Boycott Fascist Culture". It was just something that happened. It was part of the scene. Now I'm not saying you would go to a show to deliberately fuck someone up. Not to say there wasn't people out there like that and still are today. But if you have any kind of human decency and respect, when you knock someone down in these "viscous circles", you better bend your ass over and help them up. Otherwise, you got yourself an enemy for the rest of the night. And that's the last thing we all need is another enemy. With so many all around us, that's the last thing we need to be doing is fighting each other.

Anyways, I'm just rambling on now. As for Security, what other song makes you wanna dance without losing your masculinity? Great stuff. The only other that comes to mind is Entertainment from Really Red, but still doesn't come close to the anguish & aggression felt in this song. So please enjoy this music as I have for many years. Stay Tuned!

Remains Nonviewable 7"

Body Bag
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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Toothpaste II

I only got about a week left, so I'm gonna try to post as much as I can until then. Still sticking with Chicago, but we're gonna go about 10 years back from the last couple of posts. Now to my knowledge, (please anyone correct me if I'm wrong) Toothpaste only released their Self Titled E.P. plus this here 7". And what a great little 7" this is.

The first track is in the vein of what you might call the Chicago sound. Personally, my favorite track of theirs aside from Palestine of the E.P. Now the second track is a bit different. It starts off with a drug induced take on Rumble by Link Wray. Then the rest of the song....... well just imagine the guys of Toothpaste started spending a lot of time with the guys of End Result. You get the idea. Definitely not a bad song, just different. Enjoy!

Toothpaste 7"

Oh Yeah, Come On
Kids Do The Darndest Drugs
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Monday, September 28, 2009

Chicago vs. Amsterdam

Back again with another split 7". Same Chicago bands as the last post plus two bands from Amsterdam. A-side has Talkpeople from The Bollweevils which is a bit of a love song, but it's still a pretty good track. Unfocused from 88 Fingers Louie has a great opening bass line and is really one of my favorite tracks of theirs. Now prior to ripping this 7", I never really heard of the two Amsterdam bands. I've heard of Funeral Oration, but never heard their music. Never heard anything about NRA. They're both ok I guess. You decide. Stay tuned!

Chicago vs. Amsterdam 7"

The Bollweevils - Talkpeople
88 Fingers Louie - Unfocused
Funeral Oration - I Can Not Stand
NRA - Fuel
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Wednesday, September 16, 2009


Three weeks & counting to RiotFest 2009! Another trip to Chicago to see even more bands than there was in 2006 & perhaps even the past two years! There's gonna be Naked Raygun, 88 Fingers Louie, Pegboy, No Empathy, Rights Of The Accused, Screeching Weasel, 7 Seconds, Butthole Surfers, & perhaps the best?!: Cock Sparrer! If you don't know anything about this show, then check out the full list of bands here.

So I've been quite busy the past couple months planning for the trip and what not. Caught a couple of shows as well. Like I said in the last post, saw Patti Smith two Thursdays ago at the Santa Monica Pier. Great Show! Couldn't believe she had Tom Verlaine on guitar & Flea on bass! Last Thursday I went to Los Angeles premiere of Let Them Know: The Story Of Youth Brigade & B.Y.O. Records. What a night that was! First was the movie, then there was a show with Youth Brigade, Swingin' Utters, & 7 Seconds! So like I said, I've been kinda busy. Check this out to see when the movie is coming to a town near you.

So since I'll be heading to Chicago once again in 3 weeks, let's hear some Chicago music! Here's a split between two of my favorite bands: 88 Fingers Louie & The Bollweevils. Now 88's gonna play this year which I'm totally psyched about, but unfortunately The Bollweevils aren't. And neither are The Effigies. At least I got see them both in 2006. So here they are doing covers of Bhopal Stiffs, Articles Of Faith, Naked Raygun, & The Effigies. This was released in 1994 I believe on Rocco Records. So enjoy this and stay tuned for some more Chicago!

Viva Chicago

The Bollweevils - I Lied
The Bollweevils - Body Bag
88 Fingers Louie - My Father's Dreams
88 Fingers Louie - Not Just My Head
Get It

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Repost: Reptile House!

After a month and some odd days, I'm back from the dead once again! Been very busy past couple weeks and will be even more so in the weeks to come. I will find some time though to keep this site running. So even though I'm gone don't think your comments have gone unnoticed! I know many of you out have been asking for my first post to be reupped, so here it is!

I made brand new rips of both their 7" & their LP, complete with scans. If you're new to the band and don't know much about them, check out my original post here. Otherwise enjoy the newly ripped tunes! So stay tuned because I'm back with much more to come. I got more 70's, Chicago, & I even got a live recording of Patti Smith's free show she put on last week at the Santa Monica Pier! Which by the way is 100 years old today. (the pier, not Patti Smith) But what an amazing show she put on! Stay Tuned!

I Stumble As The Crow Flies E.P.

Keel-Haul Love
Social Champion
Mrs. Rain
Sleestak Weather
Get It

Listen To The Power Soul

Power Soul
Ike's Hammer
Evil Iron Any Day Now
Para PolyAnna
Mother Michigan
Sky Head
Get It

P.S. Check THIS out to get their song off the Bouncing Babies Comp.

Thursday, July 23, 2009


And here we are with the last of the first three Twin Tone releases. Not too much info one this record though. Fingerprints debuted with this record in 1978, the Christmas Down 7" the same year, two tracks off the Big Hits of Mid America comp., & another single in 1980.

Now as with the last two, the music is quite good for first releases. (Now I Wanna Be A) Space Girl is a great track! And it might just be me, but I swear that Track 9 is the theme song to something, but I just can't quite put my finger on it. Any guesses? Anywho, hope you enjoy the music as much as I do. Stay tuned!

Fingerprints E.P.

(Now I Wanna Be A) Space Girl
Burn Those Bridges
Track 9
Wasted On You
Made In The Shade
Get It

Monday, July 20, 2009


There were many great bands in & around the Minneapolis area during late 70's. (As well as the 80's too!) It's hard to choose a favorite. I mean you have the pioneers of the scene, The Suicide Commandos. Who could argue how great they were? But there's always one artist that comes to mind that was so unique throughout all of his projects.

Curtiss Almsted (a.k.a. Curtiss A) was one hell of an artist. I've always kinda thought of him as the Joe Cocker/Bruce Springstein of punk. With his hometown rock n roll guitar & his tough as rocks vocal chords, this guy could really get you goin'! His first Twin Tone release was with the Spooks. Also the second of the first three releases by Twin Tone. Now this E.P. is quite good, but not as great as his solo material. Although I do believe the title track is one of his best songs. Great depiction of the times. Take a listen & decide for yourself! Enjoy!

1980-1990 E.P.

Fun Is Everything (science-fiction world)
Sinister Forces.... peculiar points of view
Evil Eye/Hit The Lights
Laugh It Up (it's all a big joke anyway)
Scum Of The Earth for Travis Bickle
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Tuesday, July 14, 2009

The Suburbs

Twin Tone Records was started in Minneapolis, MN in 1978. Their first three records were released simultaneously the very same year, all on red vinyl.The debut Suburbs E.P. was the very first. An outstanding record in my opinion. I love the cartoon artwork on the cover as well. Side A is all punk done up Suburbs style. The flip side is a bit more pop induced, although the great Prehistoric Jaws has got to be one my favorite tracks on the record.

They went on to release more records throughout the eighties though I believe they were a bit more new-wave. Never really listened to their later material. You can find a couple more great early tracks of theirs off the Big Hits Of Mid America Volume III. The World War III 7'' is great also, if you can track it down. Enjoy & stay tuned!

The Suburbs E.P.

Teenage Run-In
Chemistry Set
Your Phone
Couldn't Care Less
Prehistoric Jaws
Get It