Thursday, January 31, 2008


Malefice was a great metal punk band from D.C. In 1984 they made their debut with the Overbord E.P. (D.S.I. #3). Three great thrashing shredders. Definitley one of the most overlooked bands to ever come out of D.C. The front and back covers of the first press have some very nice artwork, which was hand colored by the band members. I believe the second press has the back picture facing the opposite direction plus a track listing. They re-record all three songs for the Lotus Blossom LP. (Which I'll post eventually) Though these versions are good, I don't think they are up too par with the ones on the 7".

Lost Sheep

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Rifle Sport

Here's another great Midwest gem. Rifle Sport was part of the third wave of "punk" coming out of St. Paul/Minneapolis, Minnesota. I say quote unquote punk because like many other bands from the same scene, (Man Sized Action, Ground Zero, etc.) they took what they grew up on and made it their own. They weren't no copycats. They created something new, something unclassified. That's much more than any present day band can say. In 1983 they released their debut album Voice of Reason (Reflex E). With an almost nervous yet steady guitar, great bass hooks, and a bewildered voice, these guys belted out some great tunes. Just about every song here is hit, no misses to be found. So if you guys liked that Man Sized Action record, you'll love this one too. Last Days of Man on Earth posted their Live at the Entry, Dead at the Exit album awhile back. More Rifle Sport to go around! Check it out!

Voice of Reason

Words of Reason
Angel Tears
Run & Hide
Danger Streets
Good News Week
Mind Over Matter
Hollow Men
Keep On Walkin'
Correctional Facility
No Money
Eva Evita

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

False Prophets

False Prophets formed in New York City 1980. Except for maybe Kraut & Reagan Youth, they were one of few punk rock bands amongst a herd of hardcore acts coming out of New York at the time. 1981 saw the release of their Blind Obedience 7" on their own Worn Out Brothers Records. 3 great tracks in the vein of '77 punk. Overkill reminds me a lot of the Detours, but that just my opinion. Decide for yourself! They would go on to release one more 7" the next year and a few albums. On the first full-length they re-do Blind Obedience & Overkill which I can't even say are better than the ones here. Both versions are so damn good! If you guys like this one, I'll get around to posting that first full-length.

Blind Obedience 7"

Royal Slime
Blind Obedience

Friday, January 18, 2008


Crashdog was formed in 1990. They released four albums with singer Spike Nard. Upon his departure, gutarist Andrew Mandell switched to vocals. Their lyrics were always quite intelligent, filled with politics, history, & past experience. Though they were considered a "christian punk" band, I've just always thought of it as some really damn good music. The band would record two more albums with Andrew on vocals before it's end. Cashists, Fascist, and other Fungus (Grrr Records) was released in 1995. There's a lot of great songs here. Perhaps their best song, Same Old Pain is a haunting but powerful history lesson. There's even a cover of Eve of Destruction, an old 60's protest song. The whole album is great. Don't let the "christian" ideals scare you away. If anybody likes this one, let me know and I'll post the other one which was produced by the almighty Steve Albini.


Cashist, Fascist, And Other Fungus

My God
Family Tree
George's Poem
Same Old Pain
The Tale Of Two Parties
Sept. 1994
Eve Of Destruction
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Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Rat Pack II

Due to numerous requests, we're back with some more Rat Pack! In 1989 they released the Ice Cream, Acid, & Cigarettes 7". Personally, I like this one a little more than their first. Though most of the songs are a bit slower, Matt Ratt's vocals sound even more wicked with just the right amount of re verb. Kids On The Edge is the stand out here. One of their best. I believe all they put out were the two 7" 's and tracks off the Nardcore Comp. & Mystic Sampler #2. Good Stuff!
I wanna thank everyone whose visited the site and those of you who've left comments. It's nice to know there's others that appreciate this music as much as I have. Keep the comments coming!

Ice Cream, Acid, & Cigarettes 7"

Do Me
Ice Cream, Acid, & Cigarettes
When You Say Goodby
Kids On The Edge
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Monday, January 14, 2008

Bhopal Stiffs

Bhopal Stiffs were one of many sadly forgotten Chicago bands. Of course there was Strike Under, Naked Raygun, & the Effigies that started the scene, but by the mid to late eighties the torch had been passed to the Bhopal Stiffs. They recorded a 10 song demo in 1987. 2 of these songs were released on the Bhopal Stiffs 7" (Dazit Records) later that year. By 1988, singer Vince Marine left the band and they released the 6 song E.P.A. 12" (Roadkill Records) with Larry Damore on vocals. Their only other official release was a song off the There's Fungus Among Us Comp., which bear's resemblance toward's Pegboy's early material. (Singer/Gutarist Larry Damore & Bassist Steve Saylors would go on to form Pegboy with John Haggerty, Raygun's original gutarist.) That's a total of only 9 songs. It's almost a sin there wasn't more from these guys. Top tracks have to be One Track Head, I Came For You, & I Can Do It. (The last has a killer harmonica rip, what more can I say, it's great!) Enjoy!

Bhopal Stiffs 7"

One Track Head
Not Just My Head

E.P.A. 12"

Bottle It Up
Road To Bhopal
I Came For You
I Can Do It
Too Many Things
Get Both

Saturday, January 12, 2008

Willful Neglect

Another one of those highly underrated and totally unique bands, Willful Neglect formed in St. Paul, Minnesota 1981. Their classic self titled LP was released in 1982. They had created a unique style of hardcore all their own. Who else was belting out tunes like Abort The Mission in 1982?

Good Bad Music has it here.

Later on that same year, they recorded five live tracks for the Kitten Compilation. 1983 saw the release of their second record Justice For No One. The next year they recorded songs for a third record, but unfortunately it was never released. Six songs were taken from this recording and released on the 1982-1984 CD. A bit of a different sound but still as incredible as their earlier material. The most amazing track here is the first, Psychodelic Systomatic. The title describes it all. Listen and find out yourself!

Kitten Compilation

Bobbin' On Wally
Abort The Mission
Outta My Mind
Good Clean Fun

Big Enough To Get It

Psychodelic Systomatic
White Jacket Rabbit
Social Snuggie
Sorry Confusers
Set Back
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Sunday, January 6, 2008


The Detours started in 1977 with a lunchtime show at Fullerton high school. In 1979 they recorded three songs in a San Diego studio. Unfortunately only one of these songs was ever released. Hang 10 In East Berlin was released on the Up Another Octave Transmission O.C. Compilation. In 1980 Rikk Agnew & Casey Royer left to start the Adolescents. That same year they recorded the Amoeba 7" on Posh Boy records. In 2006 the Detours reformed and played their first reunion show at the Tropics Lounge in Fullerton. They played a few more shows including The Mort & T.S.O.L.'s farewell show. In early 2007, Rikk Agnew left to reform Christian Death. They're still playing shows but with Frank Agnew Jr. on guitar. Find out where and when here.

Amoeba 7"


Live At The Tropics Lounge

No Losers
Get Both

Friday, January 4, 2008

Rat Pack

Don't got too much info on these guys other than they were part of the Nardcore scene in Oxnard, California. They consisted of frontman Matt Ratt and members of RKL and Stalag 13. In 1985 they released this self-titled 7'' EP (Mystic). If you like this one let me know and I'll post their second 7".

Rat Pack E.P.

Fooled Again
Lost In Death
After Midnight
Hometown Hero
Protect The Rich
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Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Urinals/100 Flowers/Chairs of Perception

Joe over at Last Days of Man on Earth did a post a couple weeks ago on a band called Chairs of Perception. As he mentioned in his post, Chairs of Perception are formerly 100 Flowers, and even more so, formerly the Urinals. Now if you've never heard any of these bands, you're missing out on the best L.A. band still performing to this day. Can't give a better biography than the one found here

Get the first Urinals E.P. here

Get the first 100 Flowers LP here

First we got a bootleg on Squiddley Records. (Not sure if there's any relation to Happy Squid, the Urinals own label) A-Side consists of two songs from the Urinals second 7", the third 7", and their track off the Happy Squid Sampler. B-Side has three live songs from a show at the Hong Kong Cafe in 1980. Second we got 100 Flowers first 7" E.P., Presence of Mind. Enjoy!

Urinals Two

I'm A Bug
Ack Ack Ack
Go Away Girl
You're Gonna Miss Me (Live)
Jetsons Theme (Live)
Dizzy Miss Lizzy (Live)

Presence Of Mind E.P.

Presence of Mind
Mop Dub
Get Both
Hear more Chairs of Perception songs & get show dates here