Thursday, May 29, 2008

The Effigies

Picked this 7'' up at Reckless Records last time I was in Chicago. An exceptionally nice live recording from 1995. 5 great songs all from the early days. Security is KILLER! It's extended an extra minute compared to the original 7'' & has an insane bass solo! A truly great recording from a truly great band. More coming up from the Windy City!

Live At The Lounge Ax

Coarse In Vein
No Progress
Body Bag
Strong Box
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Thursday, May 22, 2008

What The Fuck? Presents: There's Fungus Amoung Us!

Sorry for the length of silence. Really don't have an excuse, just been kinda lazy! So I decided I'd go on a Chicago splurge. They've always had a hell of scene in the town of Chicago. It's a great place to visit, see a show, & get a drink at the local bars. The food there is like no other. Pizza at Lou Malnati's , wonderful! Hot Dogs at Portillo's , fabulous! Makes me wanna fly out there right now. Maybe in October for the Riot Fest. Anyways, here I got the most recent of Chicago records that I'll be posting in the days to come. It's a comp. from What The Fuck? Records released in 1989. The front cover was hand colored and it features a number of local Chicago bands. Bhopal Stiffs track seems to reveal a sort of preview for what was to come with Pegboy. This track was the last of their record output. Along with their 7'' & 12'' I posted awhile back, these 3 were all they released. I do believe there was a CD that came out not too long ago with demos and live tracks. Anyone got that? Vermicious Knids have a great a great track but I don't know the title. No where on the sleeve, inserts, or record. The same with Only The Strong. Their track is kinda weak though. Bad metal. Anyone know the title of these two? Target sounds like they're from D.C. Rain and Ignition come to mind. Two pics above are some of the inserts. I colored one of them because the black & white looked kinda dull, but then I got lazy for the other one. Nice, huh?

There's Fungus Amoung Us!

Bhopal Stiffs - Too Much Pain
Vermicious Knids -
Vermicious Knids
Gear - Acceptance
Only The Strong - Only The Strong
Screeching Weasel - Slogans
No Empathy - Orgone Reich
Target - Fred
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