Wednesday, February 27, 2008


18 tracks (LP version) from one of Cleveland's best and earliest punk bands. Ranging from basement recordings to studio sessions to live radio broadcasts, all tracks here were recorded between 1978-1983. The Pagans were nothing but two chords with an attitude. Great stuff from a truly classic band.

The Pink Album.......Plus!

Nowhere To Run
Give Til It Hurts
Multiple Personalities
When I Die
Slow Street
Cry 815
I'm Moving On
There She Goes Again
Cleveland Confidential (Real World)
Wall of Shame
Not Now No Way
Mixed Emotions
Dead End America
Street Where Nobody Lives
What's This Shit Called Love
Final Solution
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Thursday, February 21, 2008

United Mutation

Early 1980's D.C. The majority of the bands it produced were straight edge hardcore. There were other bands that were doing their own thing, like the almighty Void, maybe Double-O, No Trend, and the fore-mentioned Malefice. But then there was United Mutation. These guys brought a whole new sound to hardcore. Starting in in 1981, their history of members is very long and confusing. To attempt to read about it, go here. Their first E.P. (released in 1983) was a Dischord split. If you haven't heard it, get it here. Later that year they recorded another demo which got them a track on the Bouncing Babies comp. Although they are under a different name(The Last Minute), I believe Mike Brown is still on vocals at this point. (Fill me in if I'm wrong!) The next year they went back to Inner Ear Studios to record the Rainbow Person E.P. "Infinite Regression" is on both the comp. and the second E.P. Both are different, but both are still great. Although the comp. track lacks the vicious vocals, the guitar is clean, crisp, and clear. Perhaps their best work ever, "Sensation Fix" was released on the Alive & Kicking 7" in 1985. This is pure psychedelic rock punk that's even got a saxophone as if it weren't already trippy enough. Enjoy!

Bouncing Babies

Infinite Regression

Rainbow Person E.P.

Infinite Regression
Fat Louie
Take Your Pick

Alive & Kicking 7"

Sensation Fix

Monday, February 18, 2008

Volcano Suns

Just after Mission of Burma disbanded in 1983, drummer Peter Prescott formed the Volcano Suns. They released their debut, The Bright Orange Years, in 1985. Grab it here. Two years later they released Bumper Crop. This was their third and final release on Homestead. Great album which also features Roger Miller on piano. They had a lot of different members come and go, but I think these two albums had their best line-ups. Great band great sound!

Bumper Crop

Magic Sky
The Central
Local Wise Man
Time Off
Bumper Crop
Curse Of The Name
Peal Out
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Saturday, February 16, 2008

No Purchase Necessary

Another one of my favorite "christian" punk bands. They weren't around for very long either, existing from about 1998-2000 or 2001. Great band with a great sound. They played alongside other bands like Officer Negative, Headnoise, The Discarded, & Youth in Submission. They self released this 7-song CD-R in '98 or '99. It's hard to believe it's already been about ten years! There's not a single bad song here. Each one is as good as the last, having that nice old school punk sound. Now like all other "christian" punk bands, they talk about christian stuff. But with such a harsh sounding voice, you can barely make out what the hell they're saying! That's one of the reasons why I like this so much. It's not polished or pampered punk, it's old school. It's sloppy, fierce, & direct in all the right places. I know most of you didn't grab that Crashdog album, but please get this one! You will not be disappointed! By the way, if anyone out there has any Youth in Submission, let me know! I can't find them anywhere.

No Purchase Necessary

Box From Hell
Life Cut Short
Regergitated Christian
Wondering Thoughts

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Warsaw (Joy Division)

Here's two nice bootlegs from Joy Division. Forming in 1976, they recorded a five song demo the following year still under their original name, Warsaw. Three of those songs are found on The Ideal Beginning. In 1978 they recorded eleven songs for their first album which was unfortunately never released due to disagreements with the production done by RCA producers. Two songs from this session are found on the Atrocity Exhibition 7''. These tracks sound a bit more raw than the ones found the complete demo here. I got too lazy to scan my own records so I got the pictures from here. I had no info at all on these records before I came across this site. Great Stuff!

The Ideal Beginning

At A Later Date
The Kill

Atrocity Exhibition 7"

All This For You (A.K.A. The Drawback)
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Monday, February 11, 2008

Toxic Reasons/Zero Boys

What's to say about these two great Midwest bands? If you haven't heard either, get with the times! Toxic Reasons was formed in Dayton, Ohio & the Zero Boys in Indianapolis, Indiana; both in 1979. Here we got a split of theirs released on Selfless Records. Above picture has more info on the recordings found here. Grab some more Toxic Reasons here, here, & here. Get some more Zero Boys here & here. Not gonna say too much more! Enjoy!

Toxic Reasons/Zero Boys 7"

Toxic Reasons - No Pity
Toxic Reasons - White Noise
Zero Boys - Black Network News
Zero Boys - Blood's Good

Wednesday, February 6, 2008


The Feederz were a great band from Arizona. They were known for wild stage antics such as Frank Discussion playing with live crickets glued to his head and throwing dead animals at the audience.The Feederz were a one of a kind band, not only in their stage performance, but in their music as well. They made their debut in 1980 with the Jesus 7". In 1984 they unleashed the Ever Feel Like Killing Your Boss? LP to the world. If you've never heard this album, you're missing out on one of the greatest punk albums EVER! Seriously. Get it here. Their second album Teachers In Space (Flaming Banker, 1986) is no let down either. With lyrics like "if God is love and Christ is the answer, I'll just grab the Virgin Mary, run off and pants her" you know this album's got to be good! I think if you listen Psychward and Cancer Ward long enough, you'll eventually go insane. This album's got it all, so get it here! By the way, don't be afraid to follow directions in the Outro. You can find a whole lotta other cool shit at their site here.

(Pictures above are from the lyrics insert)

Teachers In Space

Lobster Quadrille
New Crime
Crawl Space
Intermission (Time for a snack!)
Taking The Night
50 Years
You're So Stupid
Lost Patrol
Cancer Ward
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Sunday, February 3, 2008

Busted At Oz

One of my all time favorite records. The Busted At Oz compilation documents the birth of the early Chicago punk scene. Not only does it hold the earliest known recordings of Naked Raygun, it also has tracks from my favorite band to come out of Chicago, Strike Under. Now although the Raygun tracks here are much more experimental than their latter work, it's clearly heard that bands like Strike Under, The Effigies, & Da have their stuff down. Released in 1981 on Autumn Records (Autumn #2) all tracks here were recorded live at Oz March 9-11 1981.

Here you can find Da's Dark Rooms 7" & here you can grab The Subverts Independent Study 7". If anyone out there has got Silver Abuse's Fall From Grace 7" or Da's Time Will Be Kind 12", Pleeeease let me know! I'm dying for a listen! In the meantime, enjoy this nice piece of Chicago history!

Another great early Chicago band, DV8 was Eric Spicer's (Naked Raygun drummer) first band. Released in 1981 on Tough Records, this is also a prime piece of Chicago history. How much would you pay for a piece of this history? $100? $200? Try $329! One sold for this outrageous price earlier today on ebay! I know most of you don't have a spare $329 lying around, so you can grab the DV8 7'' at KBD.

Note: New rip & new scans! Enjoy!

Busted At Oz

Naked Raygun - Bomb Shelter
Naked Raygun - When The Screaming Stops
Strike Under - Fucking Uniforms
Subverts - March Forth
Effigies - Quota
Da - Fish Shit
Silver Abuse - Anti-Hot Dog
Silver Abuse - Pink Port Now
Silver Abuse - Bomb Shelter
Effigies - Guns or Ballots
Subverts - State of the Union
Naked Raygun - Paranoia
Naked Raygun - Libido
Da - The Killer
Strike Under - Anarchy Song
Silver Abuse - Jigaboo Jump