Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Eddie And The Subtitles II

Another year done. Nothing special, nothing great. First year for this site though! Didn't realize it until I looked back at my first post; Dec. 1, 2007. Time flies. Anyways............. Back to the music! Now a lot of people have said that Eddie's last record was a disappointment. I've never really thought so. With a record that's mainly about heroin addiction, you know it might be a little off. Sure it may not have as many great songs as the first, but there's still a few. Waiting For The Bombs & Circus sound like they could have been off Skeletons In The Closet. And with B.F.Q.B.M.T., if that's not comedy then I don't know what is!

There's quite a few covers on this record too. One from The Animals (I'm Cryin'), The Rolling Stones (Connection), & Money which was popularized by The Flying Lizards in 1979, but was written by Berry Gordy & performed by Barrett Strong in 1959.

Great cover art, great record title, great band! Enjoy!

Dead Drunks Don't Dance

Shoot Up And Dance
I'm Cryin'
Dead Presidents
If I Had A Hammer
Waiting For The Bombs
Heroin Street
Until Tomorrow
Dancing In The Devil's Drawer
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Sunday, December 28, 2008

The Up Another Octave Transmission

A quite diverse yet interesting sample of Orange County music circa 1980-81. Side A is entitled "Tekno Rok" while Side B is "Nu Rok". The record starts with a 6 min. futuristic melancholy anthem by Farenheit. Probably the best track on Side A. Tuxedomoon & The Units definitely come to mind. Null And Void's ain't too bad either. Berlin's track is off their first album, pre Terri Nunn. I'm not too partial to the synth side of music, but lately it's been kinda growing on me.

The "Nu Rok" side is of course the better of the two & holds the best track on the entire record. Hang Ten In East Berlin is the only track ever to be released by The Detours. Before there was D.I., there was The Adolescents. Before there was The Adolescents, there was The Detours. In 1980 they recorded 3 songs in a San Diego studio: Amoeba (later released by The Adolescents), Hang Ten In East Berlin, & The Saint (both later released by D.I.). Hang Ten was the only one ever to be released. If anyone out there has either of these two other tracks, for punks sakes please make them available! Even Rikk Agnew himself told me at their first Detours reunion show in 2006 to never let this record go being as it's rare as hell! (unless of course I wanted to sell it to him!) It was advice well taken.

Another band worthy of note are Anaheim's The Vectors. They released the Death To Disco 7'' and a 12'' in 1981. Hey Kirby was also released on the 12''. A little poppy,but not too bad. Beat-E-O's track is ok. No info on them though. Enjoy!

The Up Another Octave Transmission

Farenheit - Farenheit #1
Craig Sibley - You See Art, I See Clay
Berlin - Talk Talk Video
Null And Void - I Can See What's Happening
Nu Beams - Chico
Videos - Skitzo Attack
The Barbies - Boys Will Be Boys
The Vectors - Hey Kirby
The Detours - Hang Ten In East Berlin
Beat-E-O's - China Sleeping?
Removed - Missing Person
Finesse - Nervous Time
Tactics - Things I Am
The End - Time Before I'm Done
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Thursday, December 18, 2008

Shattered Faith

One more to add to to the list of great but forgotten O.C. bands. Shattered Faith started playing around 1978-79. Their first record was released in 1981 on Posh Boy Records. You can find it at KBD. Here we got an entire live set from 1982. This was recorded in Riverside, Ca. amongst many die hard fans. Great set I might add, full of energy! Tracks are from the 1982 Cd put out by GTA Records. Enjoy!


Another Day Passes
The Verdict
Hard To Be Free
Right Is Right
I Love America
Mirrors Reflection
Strange Daze
Short Haired Thugs
Too Tense
Dark Side
Always The Same
No Fun No Friends
Born To You
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Monday, December 15, 2008

China White

Another classic O.C. punk record! Along with T.S.O.L., China White were one of the biggest punk bands to come out of Huntington Beach. If you've never heard this record then you need crawl out of whatever rock you've been living under and get with the times! Known for major riffs and violent gigs, these guys had it down.

They released their Dangerzone E.P. (Frontier Records 1981 FLP 1005) shortly after The Adolescents Blue Album & T.S.O.L.'s Dance With Me. Produced by the great Mike Patton of the Middle Class. Another great O.C. record! Enjoy!

Dangerzone E.P.

Live In Your Eyes
Daddy's Little Queen
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Wednesday, December 10, 2008


Funeral originated from Long Beach, California. Though not technically from the O.C., they definitley did have the O.C. sound!
You can find their first 12'' from 1980 & their 1981 Waiting For The Bomb Blast E.P. here. The tracks below were recorded during the same session as the Bomb Blast E.P. Great stuff from one of my favorite bands! Tracks taken from the Have You Seen My Leather Jacket? CD on GTA Records. Enjoy!

Waiting For The Bomb Blast Session

My Waiting Has Only Just Begun
Social Eyes
Good Guys Don't Wear White
Legal Aid
Time Has Come Today
Please Make My Daylight Go Away
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Monday, December 8, 2008

Rikk Agnew

The untouchable Rikk Agnew at perhaps his best ever. His first solo record titled All By Myself (Frontier Records 1982 FLP 1009) released just after he left The Adolescents & just before he joined D.I. This album is masterpiece! Except for maybe one or two songs the whole album is perfect. With songs like O.C. Life, Falling Out, Surfside, Fast, & Section 8, it's hard to deny that Rikk was just a pure genius at work! In my opinion, this is the best he's ever done in his whole career. But that's just me. Listen for yourself! Enjoy!

All By Myself

O.C. Life
Yur 2 Late
One Shot
Falling Out
It's Doing Something
Section 8
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Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Eddie And The Subtitles

A great lost and underrated band from Fullerton, Ca. Eddie And The Subtitles started in the late 70's and played until sometime in the mid 80's. There were a few different line up changes throughout their career. In 1980 they released the Fuck You Eddie 7'' (No Label Records). The line up was Eddie on guitar & vocals, Mike Patton (of the amazingly incredible Middle Class!) on bass & vocals, & I believe Matt Simon on drums. This is an absolutely classic single. Killer version of Louie Louie! I believe Frontier records recently reissued this on clear vinyl along with a best of CD. Track them down if you can! Enjoy!

Fuck You Eddie 7''

American Society
Louie Louie
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Monday, December 1, 2008

The Crucified II

Got a couple of good comments on Nailed, so I thought I'd post their first. Take Up Your Cross was recorded back in 1985, but didn't get released until 1986. This album is a bit more punk, rather then the trash metal of the second. It's great all the way through. Enjoy!

Take Up Your Cross

Silent Scream
You Don't Understand
Seal Number Four
No Decay
The Nowl
Be Warned
All You Need
Problem Solution
Directed Youth
Washed Out/Apathy
I Want To Be A Bug
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