Thursday, April 24, 2008

Artificial Peace/Exiled

I decided to take a break from the 70's and shoot over to D.C. 1982. Artificial Peace released a split 7'' with Exiled on Fountain of Youth Records. This would be FoY's first release as the Exiled's lead singer, Derrick Hsu, formed and managed the label. Except for a few comp. tracks, this was their only release. However, Artificial Peace recorded to separate sessions in 1981 which, in my opinion, are much better than the songs found on this 7''. Not that this is bad, I just prefer their earlier material. And of course their three tracks of Flex Your Head are up their with the almighty Void. FoY would go on to put out a number of great records including several of Government Issue's, Black Market Baby, Braille Party, & the wonderful Bouncing Babies comp.

Artificial Peace/Exiled 7''

Artificial Peace - World Of Hate
Artificial Peace - Against The Grain
Artificial peace - The Future
Artificial Peace - Think For Yourself
Artificial Peace - Someone Cares
Exiled - Day To Day
Exiled - No One's Safe
Exiled - Orthodox Confusion
Exiled - Epilogue
Exiled - Artificial Friend
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Monday, April 21, 2008

U.K. Subs

Everyone should know these guys by now so I won't waste my time with any info. Here we got their third single Tomorrows Girls (1979 Gem Records). The title track was released on the first album Another Kind Of Blues, while the other two were not. All three tracks are great, but I'd have to favor the b-side. Great stuff by a truly classic band. (That's still going strong today!) You're The Scum Of The Earth! Enjoy!

Tomorrows Girls 7''

Tomorrows Girls
Scum Of The Earth
Telephone Numbers
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Tuesday, April 15, 2008


On with the 70's again! Eater was a band that originated in London 1976. The average age of each member was only 16.They headlined their first gig in Manchester with the Buzzcocks supporting! Within three short years they released five seven inches and one album. Here we got live Get Your Yo Yo's Out E.P. (1978, The Label). I don't think my scanner is very good at picking up neon colors. The cover is neon orange but it came out red! I believe this E.P. was released in a variety of colors. It feature's two tracks unreleased on neither the album or any of the other seven inches. All four songs are great, but my favorite is the first track, Debutantes Ball. Great stuff! More 70's coming up!

Get Your Yo Yo's Out E.P.

Debutantes Ball
No More
Thinking Of The U.S.A.
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Thursday, April 10, 2008

Anti-Nowhere League

In honor of the Anti-Nowhere League playing here in L.A. tonight, I thought I post a couple of their seven inches. Forming in 1980, the Anti-Nowhere League was part of the second wave of punk in the U.K. They've released a shit load of material and are obviously still going strong today. Here we got two of their records from 1982, both on WXYZ records. First we got Woman with the b-side Rocker. Now for some stupid reason that kept pissing me off, my scanner turned the orange from the cover into a hot pink. This seven inch has great cover art, but it looks better in orange. Sorry! Next we got perhaps my favorite Anti song ever, For You. Even the b-side, Ballad for JJ Decay, is a great song too! Most of you probably have these songs already, but if you don't grab them here. And if you're in L.A. tonight, go see them at Safari Sam's on Sunset! It's been about five or six years since they've been out here so you might not get another chance! You won't be sorry! (They're also playing The Vault in Long Beach April 13. Be there!)

Woman 7''


For You 7''

For You
Ballad Of JJ Decay
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Monday, April 7, 2008

Punk Collection 1977

Here we got a nice Italian import simply titled Punk Collection (RCA Records 1977). It's a nice compilation of both U.S. & U.K. punk bands. Artists include Dead Boys, Ramones, Patti Smith, Eater, Models, The Boys & others. One of my favorite tracks here is from an artist I know almost nothing about. Richard Moore's Roll It Up is a great song. I believe he was from New York but I'm not sure. If anyone out there has any info on him or other recordings of his, please fill me in. I prefer the version of Eater's Thinking Of The U.S.A. here over their single version. The bass stands out a bit more. Fall Out was a great first single from The Police. Sounds nothing like their later recordings. I'm sure you all have most of these songs, but there might be one or two you don't! Enjoy!

(I left out a few tracks that weren't exactly "punk" and frankly just aren't very good)

Punk Collection

Ramones - Sheena Is A Punk Rocker
The Boys - I Don't Care
Johnny Thunders & The Heartbreakers - Born To Lose
Eater - Thinking Of The U.S.A.
Models - Freeze
The Electric Chairs - Stuck On You
Iggy Pop - Funtime
The Police - Fall Out
Richard Moore - Roll It Up
Dead Boys - Sonic Reducer
Richard Hell & The Void Oids - Love Comes In Spurts
Patti Smith - Piss Factory
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Saturday, April 5, 2008

Suicide Commandos

The Suicide Commandos have been hailed as the first punk band from Minneapolis if not the entire Midwest. Though they started back in 1974, they did not release their first 7'', Emission Control, until 1976. The very next year they released the Match/Mismatch 7'' (P.S. Records 1977). Though the title track would later be included on the first full length, I much prefer the 7'' version. The b-side is not as much of a stand out, but it's not horrible. Make A Record would come out in 1978 and also hold the track Mosquito Crucifixion. Hands down one of my favorite punk songs from the late seventies. You can grab the whole record here. Classic material from one of the earliest punk bands. Don't miss this!

(I don't usually do all the scans, but I like their logo on the record)

Match/Mismatch 7''

Mark He's A Terror

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

La Peste

Forming in 1976, La Peste was part of the first wave of punk and probablly one of the first punk bands in Boston. (Fill me in if I'm wrong!) They played shows at The Rat & Cantone's alongside others like the The Ramones & The Damned. In 1977 they recorded a session in a loft that bassist Mark Karl was renting. 1978 saw the release of their Better Off Dead single. They would eventually disband sometime in 1979. You can find the A-side to the single and a few live tracks from 1979 here. The tracks found here are taken from the Better Off La Peste 1977-1978 CD. More great 70's punk to come!

A Million thanks To Jordan Kratz for this one!

Euphoria Studio

Whites Of Your Eyes
Skin Tight

The Loft Tapes

Acid Test
Die In My Sleep
Figure It Out
Don't Know Right From Wrong
Kill Me Now
Leave Me Alone
Pop Rock Polls
The Road
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