Sunday, January 10, 2010

Mission Of Burma - Live At The Echo

The same weekend Cock Sparrer played in San Francisco, Mission Of Burma played in Los Angeles. Well they also played in San Francisco on Saturday, but I was at the Sparrer show so that wasn't gonna happen. So it was Sparrer in San Francisco on Saturday & Burma in Los Angeles on Sunday. A bit of a trip, but it was deffinetley worth it. as always, Burma put on one hell of a show. If you haven't heard by now, they just recently released a new album titled The Sound The Speed The Light. Just as every other release of theirs, this one does not disappoint.

Now unfortunatley, the show was moved to The Echo at the last minute. It was originally scheduled at The Echoplex, which located right below The Echo. Not to say that The Echo is a bad place, it is much smaller than the Echoplex so it has much more of a bar feeling to it, but The Echoplex has a much better sound system. But despite this, the show was still none the less amazing. They played a great mixture of old and new. I couldn't have asked for more. So check out the videos, listen to the tunes, & let me know what you think! Enjoy!

Live At The Echo

So Fuck It
Forget Yourself
Here It Comes
Comes Undone
Nu Disco
Academy Fight Song
This Is Not A Photograph
Trem Two
One Day We Will Live There/Untitled
Spider's Web
1,2,3, Party!
Careening With Conviction
That's How I Escaped My Certain Fate
Learn How
Missing Tracks
P.S. The two Untitled songs just stumped me! I went through all my Burma material (which is just about everything they ever released) and I still could not come up with the titles. I know I've heard these songs somewhere. Maybe they're covers, but I just can't put my finger on them. Help?! Anyone?!

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Riot Fest 2009 - Cock Sparrer

So here we are with the last of the Riot Fest posts. I wanted to get them all in before the new year, but 2009 in 2010, so what right? But of course, I saved the best for last. Cock Sparrer played two nights at the Fest. Played saturday night at the Congress Theatre (which they didn't even headline, NOFX did. Just down right fuckin sad.) & sunday night at The Metro (which they did headline). Now I got both shows on video,but for saturdays show I was up front in the pit. So watching that video might make you a bit nauseous, too damn shaky. Sundays I decided to stay up on the balcony & get some great footage. Naturally sundays show was better between the two.

You know I really would have been happy just to see them once, but to see them twice in Chicago & then again in San Francisco a month later, just amazing. Every show was great and different in their own way, but hands down the one at The Metro was the best. And that's the video I have to share with you all here. I believe Pirate Press Records is putting out a video of the shows in San Francisco so look out for that. So sit back, watch the video's, and enjoy the music that is COCK SPARRER!

Riot Fest 2009 (Live At The Metro)

Intro/Riot Squad
Watch Your Back
What's It Like To Be Old
Teenage Heart/Droogs Don't Run
Spirit Of '76
Tough Guys
Get A Rope
Argy Bargy
So Many Things
Running Riot
Chip On Your Shoulder/I Got Your Number
Suicide Girls
Because You're Young
Take 'Em All
Where Are They Now
Sunday Stripper
England Belongs To Me
We're Coming Back
Get It