Monday, January 14, 2008

Bhopal Stiffs

Bhopal Stiffs were one of many sadly forgotten Chicago bands. Of course there was Strike Under, Naked Raygun, & the Effigies that started the scene, but by the mid to late eighties the torch had been passed to the Bhopal Stiffs. They recorded a 10 song demo in 1987. 2 of these songs were released on the Bhopal Stiffs 7" (Dazit Records) later that year. By 1988, singer Vince Marine left the band and they released the 6 song E.P.A. 12" (Roadkill Records) with Larry Damore on vocals. Their only other official release was a song off the There's Fungus Among Us Comp., which bear's resemblance toward's Pegboy's early material. (Singer/Gutarist Larry Damore & Bassist Steve Saylors would go on to form Pegboy with John Haggerty, Raygun's original gutarist.) That's a total of only 9 songs. It's almost a sin there wasn't more from these guys. Top tracks have to be One Track Head, I Came For You, & I Can Do It. (The last has a killer harmonica rip, what more can I say, it's great!) Enjoy!

Bhopal Stiffs 7"

One Track Head
Not Just My Head

E.P.A. 12"

Bottle It Up
Road To Bhopal
I Came For You
I Can Do It
Too Many Things
Get Both


Gilberto said...

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a really great material, thanks!

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wedge said...

these guys also have a RAGING track on the Japanese omnibus cassette from 1986 called "Consumer Blackmail 2" & the song is total practice room/demo quality. once saw their 7" in a Texas shop way back when it was released, but didnt have the cash...ah well. thanks to actually hear this after all these years!!!

jeffen said...

I will keep my 12" of this forever. I listened to the CD re-issue a few years back but it seemed cluttered up with filler.

That "head" 7" is also pretty good.

Elvis said...

Wow thanks!! Now can somebody tell me where I can get another Bhopal Stiffs T-shirt? Mine disintegrated 4 years ago. Great post for a sadly overlooked and semi-forgotten band.

Anonymous said...

cant get the feckin link to actually allow me to download the rar just get caught in a loop of zshare bullshit

Anonymous said...

Bhopal Stiffs "1985-1989" (from Harmless Records) has 28 songs on it.