Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Squirrel Bait II

Unfortunately I don't have any live sets from these guys. And if anyone out there does have any, I know me, earthdog, and many others would love to hear them. So since I can't give you a live set , I'll give you their second record. Like I mentioned in the previous post, Skag Heaven was released in 1987 on Homestead Records. A great follow-up album in the same vein as their first. Many great songs.This used to be up at The Commercial Zone, but the link is no longer available.

I also did some more searching around & came across their 1984 demos + a 1987 interview at Shitegeist. Great Stuff. Another thing I found was this song by a band called Motorola Cloudburst. Supposedly this is Squirrel Bait under a different name. Check out the story & the song at The Punk Vault. Is sure does sound like Searcy's voice & Grubbs' guitar. Enjoy all the Squirrel Bait!

Skag Heaven

Kid Dynamite
Virgil's Return
Black Light Poster Child
Choose Your Poison
Short Straw Wins
Kick The Cat
Too Lose To The Fire
Slake Train Coming
Rose Island Road
Tape From California
Get It



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Brushback said...

The Motorola Cloudburst song is from the '84 Squirrel Bait demo. If you've got one you've got the other, in other words.

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