Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Volcano Suns II

A week or two prior to seeing the MOB show, I finally got to see their DVD, Not A Photograph. Quite interesting for any die hard MOB fan. It's an in depth look at their past and present, including Miller & Conley's first band, The Moving Parts. One thing I was kind of disappointed in was that there was no mention of Peter Prescott's other projects. For starters his pre-MOB band, The Molls. They put out one hell of a single called White Stains in 1979. Then there was the band he started after the initial break up of MOB, Volcano Suns.

Here's their first single titled Sea Cruise (Homestead 1986). Released a year after their first album, The Bright Orange Years, this single shows them finding their own sound rather than just an MOB off shoot. Greasy Spine is a great song with it's heart throbbing bass. The title track could probably do without the Sea Cruise chorus, but that's just me. Enjoy!

Sea Cruise 7''

Sea Cruise
Greasy Spine
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