Thursday, March 19, 2009

Circle One

Here's a live 7'' from the Los Angeles band Circle One. It was recorded in 1981 at C.S.U.N. They're still around playing shows every so often, although with a new singer. Original singer John Macias was shot dead by police at the Santa Monica pier. Apparently he was preaching there and a security officer told him to stop and disperse. John didn't like his angle so he threw him off the side of the pier. Cops showed up & tried subdue John. When he didn't comply, they shot him. Sad. Gives us all a reason to hate cops even that much more. But that's the way of the world! Enjoy! (the music)

Live At C.S.U.N. 1981

You're So Boring
Relics From The Past
Real Machine (Red Machine)
Highway Patrolman (Demo)
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Anonymous said...

I don`t know where you`re from, But being shot in the face just for speaking your opinion sounds like fascism to me! R.I.P. MR MASCIAS

Anonymous said...

this was originally released by the guitarist, michael vallejo. feedback was his label, and i think this was the only thing ever released on that label.

Christian said...

Sounds like he was shot for throwing someone off a pier, not for speaking his mind.....

Grebo said...

Bleh! Circle One was a gang under the guise of a band, just like Suicidal Tennisplayers, both bands were horrible and did nothing but bring unwanted attention to a scene that was being torn apart by jocks, city/county wars and general stupidity that Mascias was famous for.

While it is good to remember the past and even feel a bit of pride for being there. It wasn't this great bed of roses that everyone is making it out to be. It was dangerious and often filled with more bad times than good.