Monday, May 11, 2009

The Girls

The Boston scene of the late 70's had many a great band to go around. You had La Peste, Real Kids, The Molls, DMZ, The Infliktors, & Nervous Eaters just to name a few. Then there was The Girls. Great spazzed out art punk. These guys were on a completely different level and frankly, just out of their minds. Their only proper release was a 7" released on Pere Ubu's own Hearthen Records in 1979. They were the only band featured on the label outside of Cleveland. About 7 years later, another record would be unearthed titled Reunion. Now this was not an actual reunion LP, but rather a collected work of their short time of existence. Everything is great, but the 7'' still holds a special place with me. So sit back, pop a couple of tabs, and ENJOY!

The Girls 7''

Jeffery I Hear You
The Elephant Man
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Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting new stuff on a regular basis. Almost all of the other blogs I like have fallen asleep...

ograwker said...

Thanks! I know I may tend to fall asleep for a bit every once in awhile, but just give me a good kick in the ass (or should I say brain?) & I'll wake up!

Skull Of A Moose said...

haha no shit the girls! Robin from the girls is a dear friend of mine. I guess he's he's working on putting together a girls dvd

roc said...

My favourite art punk release. It only got better when I found out it was produced by David Thomas.