Saturday, July 24, 2010

Curtiss A

Here's the first solo single by Curtiss A. I Don't Wanna Be President was released in 1979 on Twin Tone records. Prior to this release, Curtiss A was featured both in The Spooks & two other acts on the Big Hits of Mid-America Vol. III. Those two acts were of course Curtiss A & The Originals and Buzz Barker & The Atomic Bums. The second act did an earlier, slower version of Land Of The Free, the b-side of the single mentioned here. What was special about this line-up was that it consisted of Curtiss A (Buzz Barker) and the Suicide Commandos (The Atomic Bums). So here's the comp. tracks and the single. Enjoy!

Big Hits of Mid-America Volume Three

Curtiss A & The Originals - Bad News From Phoenix
Buzz Barker & The Atomic Bums - Land Of The Free

I Don't Wanna Be President 7"

I Don't Wanna Be President
Land Of The Free

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roberto said...

Never heard of them,great news...thanks

sleestak said...

Thanks. I have always heard of Curtiss A but could never find anything.

Anonymous said...

The other great thing about this compilation is that it contains the original version of Chains by The Wad. A track which Soul Asylum does a great cover of on their Clam Dips EP.

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Todd said...

because finding Mr. A is so tough/ close to impossible on the net, it would be great if, in the future, you could post his albums as well ;-)