Sunday, October 17, 2010

Riot Fest 2010 - Busted At Oz Reunion - Silver Abuse

Next band up is the great spastic art punk known as Silver Abuse. This would be the second of three bands that Chicago all-star Camilo Gonzalez would have a hand in for the night. (Toothpaste, Silver Abuse, & Naked Raygun) They played a couple from the Oz album, "Cuban Homo Farms" from their 7" (Although tonight it was known as "Buggery Barn"), plus some others. Great set over all. Check it out for yourself!

Silver Abuse - Busted At Oz Reunion

Buggery Barn
Track 2
Ron Santo
Anti-Hot Dog
Kill The Commies
Track 7
Track 8
Track 9
Get It

P.S. Having a little trouble with some of the titles (obviously!). If anyone can help feel free to leave a comment.


Brushback said...

Yeah, 560 pixels is probably too wide for your blog template.

If you look at the HTML code for embedding the YouTube videos on your blog, you'll see where the setting are for the frame size (like, you'll actually see the numbers "560" and "340" within one of the lines). Just change them to whatever size you want by inserting your own numbers. Make sure that you keep similar proportions for height and width, though (meaning 280 x 170 equals the same proportions as 560 x 340, and so forth).

ograwker said...

Thanks for the info. They're a little bit smaller than I'd like now, but at least you can see the whole screen. And I guess if you wanna see it bigger just double click to view straight on You Tube. Thank again!

Anonymous said...

Brushback, did you write some very nice things about Breaking Circus?

Brushback said...

Um, I've written about just about all of the Breaking Circus records on my blog, yes. One of my absolute favorite bands ever. (Strike Under, too -- can't wait to watch those!)

ograwker, if you want the videos bigger, you make them any size you want, as long as they're in proportion -- try 392 x 238, for instance (which is 70% of 560 x 340).