Wednesday, November 3, 2010

User Feedback Time!!

Ok so I've finally had the chance to start working on the the other videos from the Riot Fest. Next in line is the Bhopal Stiffs show at the Subterranean. Now this was one of my favorite shows of the whole fest. They played for over an hour with their set including just about everything they ever recorded. From their 7" to their E.P. to their 10 song demo. Now the only disappointing thing about the show was that there was barely any light on them. My camera does absolutely horrible in low light and it really does show.

Luckily the video edit program I use has all these neat features to do all kinds of stuff. So I uploaded 3 30 sec. clips from Road To Bhopal. The first is the original footage. Second is the first edit. And the third is the second edit. Take a look at them and let me know what you think looks the best. I wanna get some feedback before I go ahead and edit the rest of the show. Right now I'm leaning towards the third clip. It brightens the picture without a whole lot of the color bleeding in the second clip. So let me know what you think!

Original Footage

Edit #1

Edit #2


Anonymous said...

Edit #2 is brightens the image and reduces the white noise in the black areas

if you can EQ the audio to bring out the vocal frequency better (Pro Tools is the best)

John Lundin

Anonymous said...

edit 2 is probably the best.

Earthdog70 said...

Hey-where are you? We need more audio of Riot Fest from last year.

ograwker said...

What's up Earthdog!? Ya I'm really sorry man. Between it being snowboard season and just recently ending a 6 year relationship, my hands have been tied. But that's still no excuse so I really do apologize. Plus I didn't really think anyone visted the site no more. You give me motivation to keep going! So stay tuned. The rest of Riot Fest will be coming plus more. Thanks man!