Sunday, May 8, 2011

Riot Fest 2010 - Articles of Faith - Live At The AAA

Here's the second night of their two show reunion. I think this might have been the best show of the entire fest. They played songs from their entire catalouge, from their first 7" to the second full-length, & everything else in between (even a Johnny Cash cover). Larry Damore of Bhopal Stiffs/Pegboy sang back up vocals on American Dreams. They even blew two fuses throughout the show. The band also invited Jeff Dean onstage to play guitar with them. He engineered the bands new album New Normal Catastrophe. There was one track at the end I was not familiar with. Any help with the title for that one would be appreciated. Stay tuned for some Zero Boys and Negative Approach!

Riot Fest 2010 - Live At The AAA

I've Got Mine (Blown Fuse)
I've Got Mine
Remain In Memory
Give Thanks
Bad Attitude
Everyman For Himself
Brother John
Buried Alive
False Security
Cambridge (Blown Fuse 2)
American Dreams
My Father's Dreams/What We Want Is Free
In This Life
Folsom Prison Blues
Track 16
Up Against The Wall
Get It


Anonymous said...

Awesome!! thanks again. looking forward to the sunday night shows. i fell asleep at the hotel after watching football, and missed the shows that night. i'm getting too fucking old. Can't wait to hit my sixth riot fest this year and see the descendents again.


ograwker said...

I'm glad I can bring them to you Lew! Ya I was pretty worn out that Sunday as well. Thought I was running late, but ended up getting there a little early to see some of the Meatmen. Only got Zero Boys & Negative Approach on camera though. Also went round the corner to the Roy Ellis show afterwards, so I got the last half of that show to share with you all as well. Stay tuned!

Earthdog70 said...

Thanks for this. I was there with Lewdd and this was a highlight of the whole fest!!

Anonymous said...

Any chance of a reup??