Monday, September 19, 2011

Rikk Agnew - Frontier Records 30th Anniversary - Live At The Echoplex

Backed by his buddies from Poop, Rikk Agnew was next to take the stage. His set had songs spanning from his time with the Adolescents, D.I., Christian Death, & even his 1982 solo album, All By Myself. Toward the end of his set, Rikk brought out a surprise special guest. Original 1979 Adolescents guitarist John O'Donovan took the stage to play Creatures & Kids of the Black Hole.
Pretty cool guest.

Frontier Records 30th Anniversary - Live At The Echoplex

No Way
Falling Out
Yur 2 Late
Just Like Before
Romeo's Distress
Everyday/O.C. Life
Kids of the Black Hole
Get It


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Rikk Agnew wrote, sang and played every ferocious note on your solo LP, All By Myself. The film has been exhausted since the mid-80.

julz191 said...

WTF man?? i'm trying to FOLLOW your blog on here and blogger makes everything SO bloody difficult!! i swear. it's like "rocket surgery" as kat von d would say, haha. now THAT would be a difficult job. how the fuck do i follow you? it should be obvious, should be one damn click of a FIND-ABLE button, but of course, it's not, u have to chase your tail on here and never get anywhere. jesus! i'm not angry w/you, i'm angry w/damn blogger! they need to straighten their shit out asap!
maybe u can follow me and that will allow me to find the way to follow u?

julz191 said...

wait, i just realized that this is possibly NOT rikk's blog at all, but people writing about rikk. i didn't really read anything, but was led here in a random way. so....

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