Sunday, June 29, 2008

Strike Under

I know I've been gone a long time, but what can I say? I was really lazy for a good month, then I got busy with other shit for awhile, and then I went on vacation. (Vegas!) And now I'm back! Strike Under is still one of my favorite bands from Chicago. Even though they released only one E.P. and two tracks off the Busted At Oz comp., they still managed to leave their mark on the local scene. The Immediate Action E.P. was released in 1981 and was the very first release for Wax Trax records. All five songs are great. My favorites are the first two, Sunday Night Disorientation & Context. This record is up there with Raygun's Throb Throb, Effigies Haunted Town E.P., & Bhopal Stiffs E.P.A. E.P. Bassist Pierre Kezdy would go on to join Naked Raygun & Pegboy. Guitarist Chris Bjorklund would form Bloodsport with Joe Haggerty. Singer & Guitarist Steve Bjorklund would later form Breaking Circus.

Immediate Action E.P.

Sunday Night Disorientation
Closing In
Elephant's Graveyard
Immediate Action
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Punk Rock Daddy said...

Whoa! Thanks a lot for this upload. I love this band. More power!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for this and pretty much everything else you have here! Do you know about Trial by Fire, Pierre Kezdy was in that I'm pretty sure, no vinyl but a pretty cool demo exists...?

Big Jon! said...

AWESOME record! ^_^
My favorite is 'Elephant's Graveyard' myself.
You should see the new Chicago punk documentary 'You Weren't There'. Informative and fun and intense stuff!




this band rules!!!
i have this one too!!

please have a look at my space.

possible link exchange?


Anonymous said...

Great great great record! I am fortunate to have a copy that my dad bought from Wax Trax! back in the day.

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That's what i call a true punk band do you have more albums from this weird band?