Sunday, February 3, 2008

Busted At Oz

One of my all time favorite records. The Busted At Oz compilation documents the birth of the early Chicago punk scene. Not only does it hold the earliest known recordings of Naked Raygun, it also has tracks from my favorite band to come out of Chicago, Strike Under. Now although the Raygun tracks here are much more experimental than their latter work, it's clearly heard that bands like Strike Under, The Effigies, & Da have their stuff down. Released in 1981 on Autumn Records (Autumn #2) all tracks here were recorded live at Oz March 9-11 1981.

Here you can find Da's Dark Rooms 7" & here you can grab The Subverts Independent Study 7". If anyone out there has got Silver Abuse's Fall From Grace 7" or Da's Time Will Be Kind 12", Pleeeease let me know! I'm dying for a listen! In the meantime, enjoy this nice piece of Chicago history!

Another great early Chicago band, DV8 was Eric Spicer's (Naked Raygun drummer) first band. Released in 1981 on Tough Records, this is also a prime piece of Chicago history. How much would you pay for a piece of this history? $100? $200? Try $329! One sold for this outrageous price earlier today on ebay! I know most of you don't have a spare $329 lying around, so you can grab the DV8 7'' at KBD.

Note: New rip & new scans! Enjoy!

Busted At Oz

Naked Raygun - Bomb Shelter
Naked Raygun - When The Screaming Stops
Strike Under - Fucking Uniforms
Subverts - March Forth
Effigies - Quota
Da - Fish Shit
Silver Abuse - Anti-Hot Dog
Silver Abuse - Pink Port Now
Silver Abuse - Bomb Shelter
Effigies - Guns or Ballots
Subverts - State of the Union
Naked Raygun - Paranoia
Naked Raygun - Libido
Da - The Killer
Strike Under - Anarchy Song
Silver Abuse - Jigaboo Jump


Anonymous said...

Eleven downloads and no comments, common guys...This one has been on my list for quite some time...Buncha fart heads always rave on about I know why...Ive always dug that windy chitown sound...Hated Played down here at the old T-Bird Roller-rink. Rg

Anonymous said...

Been looking for this one for quite a while. I owned a copy way back when.

Joe from Life Sentence recently released a documentary of the early Chicago scene called "You Weren't There." I went to the premiere. Really enjoyable movie, hope it comes out on DVD.

Thanx for the upload!!

ograwker said...

I was dying to see that premiere! I was gonna fly out this year for the Riot Fest and stay til' the following weekend just to see it. Found out Raygun was coming to L.A. so I said the hell with it. I heard it should be coming to DVD so I'll keep my fingers crossed. Thanks for the comments guys! I was wondering why there were none.

Punk Rock Daddy said...

Wow thanks a lot! I've been looking for this one in quite a while.

Curious Guy said...

Get the DA 7" here:

Convertido said...

What kind of fuckwit would pay $329for this? I paid $35 YEARS AGO and I thought I took one in the rear for a while...still though some great tracks. Thanks for this and all the other great posts!

Chris said...

Great stuff. You just can't get production quality like this nowadays.

Anonymous said...

Been trying to get a copy of this for a long time. Missed this the first time around. Thanks for updating the link and thanks for bringing this to the peoples.

Anonymous said...



brink. said...

guess i'm REALLY late to the party...

thanks - i've been looking for this for a while (not too diligently, it seems).

Anonymous said...

Permanent Records is supposed to be re-issuing this LP

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I've been making inquiries about the same situation but nobody answered me. I still waiting for the same answer and I really want to know why you are posting about this kind if compilations?

Anonymous said...

This was reissued on vinyl this year, I picked it up new. Company that pressed it (Permanent Records) must be retarded, there are fairly deep scratches on one side, and this was mint out-of-the-shrink-wrap.

Still a great album if you can find it.

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Anonymous said...

The above download files have all disappeared, so use this one instead:

Alan Sperring said...

hey. awesome blog. any chance of a re-up for this and the strike under 12"?