Thursday, July 31, 2008

Naked Raygun II

Two years ago I went to Chicago and saw Naked Raygun play at the Riot Fest. Here's a live recording from that very same show! And of course the incredible sound was done by none other than the great Dan Precision. (R.I.P. 88 Fingers Louie) Unfortunately it's not the whole show but, something is better than nothing! Above picture is one of the two Raygun skateboards I won at the same show! Pretty cool, huh? I'll get around to taking a picture of the other one. Audio taken from the "What Poor Gods We Do Make" DVD set. Now go out and buy it! A definite addition to anyone's Raygun collection.

Jake Burns sings Suspect Device with the band. That was awesome!

Riot Fest 2006

Home Of The Brave
Hips Swingin'
Dog At Large
Surf Combat
Suspect Device
The Strip
I Don't Know
Rat Patrol
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awesome skate deck!