Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Eddie And The Subtitles II

Another year done. Nothing special, nothing great. First year for this site though! Didn't realize it until I looked back at my first post; Dec. 1, 2007. Time flies. Anyways............. Back to the music! Now a lot of people have said that Eddie's last record was a disappointment. I've never really thought so. With a record that's mainly about heroin addiction, you know it might be a little off. Sure it may not have as many great songs as the first, but there's still a few. Waiting For The Bombs & Circus sound like they could have been off Skeletons In The Closet. And with B.F.Q.B.M.T., if that's not comedy then I don't know what is!

There's quite a few covers on this record too. One from The Animals (I'm Cryin'), The Rolling Stones (Connection), & Money which was popularized by The Flying Lizards in 1979, but was written by Berry Gordy & performed by Barrett Strong in 1959.

Great cover art, great record title, great band! Enjoy!

Dead Drunks Don't Dance

Shoot Up And Dance
I'm Cryin'
Dead Presidents
If I Had A Hammer
Waiting For The Bombs
Heroin Street
Until Tomorrow
Dancing In The Devil's Drawer
Get It

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