Monday, December 8, 2008

Rikk Agnew

The untouchable Rikk Agnew at perhaps his best ever. His first solo record titled All By Myself (Frontier Records 1982 FLP 1009) released just after he left The Adolescents & just before he joined D.I. This album is masterpiece! Except for maybe one or two songs the whole album is perfect. With songs like O.C. Life, Falling Out, Surfside, Fast, & Section 8, it's hard to deny that Rikk was just a pure genius at work! In my opinion, this is the best he's ever done in his whole career. But that's just me. Listen for yourself! Enjoy!

All By Myself

O.C. Life
Yur 2 Late
One Shot
Falling Out
It's Doing Something
Section 8
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