Thursday, April 9, 2009

Snuky Tate

Here's one of my favorite 7" out of the San Francisco area circa 1979. Snuky Tate's debut record is 70's punk at it's rawest. He was one of the few black punk artists of the time. Members of The Mutants were in his backing band. Stage Talk was comped on Killed By Death # 8.5. The original record was released on the Blackmouth label with a yellow cover. Here we got the 2002 reissue on Blammo with a green cover. Original is going for up to $200 to $300. Definitely not affordable. Enjoy!

Who Cares 7''

New Time
Stage Talk (Zepplin Yell)
High Hopes
Can You Dance To It
Get It


Anonymous said...

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The Hairy Hands said...

Great single!!!!
New Time is really awesome.

NarqFyst said...
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NarqFyst said...

i like it better than the original cause it gots the extra song. thanks for that.

kopper said...

Tried to download this and, after having to enter my name, address, phone number and answer a shitload of questions about my income and all kinds of other bullshit, all I got was a fucking "bass ringtone" file. WTF? FAIL.

Generic Viagra said...

what a great album from snuky tate, he did an awesome production for this master piece!

Stathis said...

Stathis said...


can you please re-post this 7''?

Thank you very much

Efstathiou Stathis