Tuesday, April 14, 2009

The Luchs Brothers

Here's a nasty little 7" out of Chicago circa 1978. The Luchs Brothers debut with their single Kill Me I'm Rotten. A vile anthem filled with sarcasm pointed towards none other than Johnny Rotten. Here's a excerpt from Collector Scum:

Kill Me I'm Rotten was written in 10 minutes after my first
exposure to the voice of Johnny Rotten, which I thought was
one of the funniest things I'd ever heard, and to which I
wanted to pay some kind of comedic homage. To this day, I'm
amazed at how little press is devoted to the humor of the
Sex Pistols and how seriously everybody takes punk. The
idea that this man has made a living from singing all these
years is, to me, hilarious. [Kurt Luchs]

The flipside is more of a novelty song, but still quite humorous. My favorite part is when the chipmunks chime in. Enjoy!

Kill Me I'm Rotten 7''

Kill Me I'm Rotten
Losing My Lunch
Get It


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