Monday, July 20, 2009


There were many great bands in & around the Minneapolis area during late 70's. (As well as the 80's too!) It's hard to choose a favorite. I mean you have the pioneers of the scene, The Suicide Commandos. Who could argue how great they were? But there's always one artist that comes to mind that was so unique throughout all of his projects.

Curtiss Almsted (a.k.a. Curtiss A) was one hell of an artist. I've always kinda thought of him as the Joe Cocker/Bruce Springstein of punk. With his hometown rock n roll guitar & his tough as rocks vocal chords, this guy could really get you goin'! His first Twin Tone release was with the Spooks. Also the second of the first three releases by Twin Tone. Now this E.P. is quite good, but not as great as his solo material. Although I do believe the title track is one of his best songs. Great depiction of the times. Take a listen & decide for yourself! Enjoy!

1980-1990 E.P.

Fun Is Everything (science-fiction world)
Sinister Forces.... peculiar points of view
Evil Eye/Hit The Lights
Laugh It Up (it's all a big joke anyway)
Scum Of The Earth for Travis Bickle
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Anonymous said...

this record just screams MIDWEST (in the best possible way of course). what a great 45, thanx for posting it!

topper said...

thank you