Tuesday, July 14, 2009

The Suburbs

Twin Tone Records was started in Minneapolis, MN in 1978. Their first three records were released simultaneously the very same year, all on red vinyl.The debut Suburbs E.P. was the very first. An outstanding record in my opinion. I love the cartoon artwork on the cover as well. Side A is all punk done up Suburbs style. The flip side is a bit more pop induced, although the great Prehistoric Jaws has got to be one my favorite tracks on the record.

They went on to release more records throughout the eighties though I believe they were a bit more new-wave. Never really listened to their later material. You can find a couple more great early tracks of theirs off the Big Hits Of Mid America Volume III. The World War III 7'' is great also, if you can track it down. Enjoy & stay tuned!

The Suburbs E.P.

Teenage Run-In
Chemistry Set
Your Phone
Couldn't Care Less
Prehistoric Jaws
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Anonymous said...

Prehistoric jaws is also one of my faves...i've had to sell this (and many other)years ago,so this is a fantastic find, it remember me when punk rock means creativity,not xerox...thanks, Roberto

spavid said...

I have been looking for this for what seams like an eternity, Thanks.

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topper said...

thank you

Roy Pearl said...

Nice! I've got that WWIII 7" single in my vinyl stacks, but never managed to find this album. Thanks!

India Pharmacy said...

It is the first time that I heard about them. You did a great job with the review. I will give it a try.