Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Riot Fest 2009 - Naked Raygun

So it's been about two weeks since I've been back. I know I was supposed to keep you guys updated everyday out there and what not. But things just got busy with sightseeing during the day, and all the shows at night. We saw 8 different shows in 4 nights! Pretty hectic. But it was great. I got great footage of a lot of the bands. The first night we missed the Butthole Surfers. Kinda sucks cause I wanted to see them, but by the time we flew in, checked into the hotel, and grabbed a bite to eat, they had already played. All the shows were early ones. Ending no later than 10:30 or 11:00. Curfew for all the kiddies.

So as I mentioned before, I didn't get video of 7 Seconds, just audio. Got Kevin Seconds "acoustic" set though. (It was supposed to be acoustic, but no one had an acoustic guitar!) So I'll get that up later. Next night was No Empathy, Rights Of The Accused, & Naked Raygun. Showed up late so we missed No Empathy. Real bummer. Caught Rights Of The Accused, but only got first half on video. Some security jackass came around & made me stop recording. Even went as far as telling me to delete what I just recorded in front of him. So me not being a dumbass deleted another video in front of him. I at least got an audio recording of the rest of their show.

Then it was time for Raygun! Great show as always. They played a great set, about 23 songs in all. They even played 4 new songs! Or least ones I haven't heard before, so they should be new. My favorite new tune was Growing Away. (I think that's what it was called) Great classic sounding Raygun. So since I knew security was on the look out for me, I unfortunately couldn't record the whole show. I had to pick and choose songs to record. That really sucked. There's too many great songs! All in all I got about six of the 23 on video. Doesn't do justice I know, but what can ya do?! Again I at least got audio for the entire show so it wasn't a total loss. So here I got for you are two of the six videos & all 23 audio recordings. If you guys wanna see the other videos, let me know and I'll post those too. Stay tuned for more Riot Fest footage! Enjoy!

Riot Fest 2009 (Live At The Metro)

Home Of The Brave
Backlash Jack
Iron Maiden
Walk In Cold
Dog At Large
Growing Away
Vanilla Blue
Surf Combat
Hips Swingin'
Hot Atomics
The Strip
I Don't Know
Knock Me Down
Rat Patrol
Unknown I/Unknown II
Wonder Beer
New Dreams
Get It

P.S. New ones are Iron Maiden, Growing Away, and the two unknowns. Didn't catch the names of those two but I'm pretty sure they're new. Titles might be wrong so don't get mad!


convertido said...

Thanks for this concert. I caught them live during '90 or ;91 when they rolled through Austin, TX. Sadly, I've not seen them since so I am looking forward to hearing this.

kennyhel77 said...

Then one would assume that NR are planning on recording some new songs???????? Man I for one hope so. One of the best bands to emerge outta the 80's. Nice little report!

Earthdog70 said...

Thanks for this had to miss Riot Fest after attending the last 2 years. I will be back next year.
The new songs are available on their website via a 7 inch.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the great set. The unknown I & II are actually just one track. The title is "Out of Your Mind" and Iron Maiden is actually "Mein Iron Maiden". They're the newest releases out on the 7" series. Thanks again!!!!

Anonymous said...

This was a great show! I was in the pit getting battered and I am thrilled someone recorded it. If you are here right now for Riot Fest 2010, I would definitely buy you a beer to thank you for a great blog. John Pseudonym

ograwker said...

As a matter of fact, I am! I was at the oz show last night and was blown away! I got some GREAT footage as well. Can't believe we heard "Strike Under" live. A little disappointed we only heard 5 out of the 7 songs they ever released! But they played none the less. A truly momentus occasion. I'll be at the Bhopal Stuffs tonight, AOF on Friday, & Zero Boys/Negative Approach on Sunday for sure. Just look for the guy in the front with the camera.