Friday, October 9, 2009

Riot Fest 2009 - 7 Seconds

Day 2 of the Riot Fest here in Chicago. Well, yesterday was, today's the 3rd. Yesterday was 7 Seconds at the Beat Kitchen. Got a few audio tracks from the show. Got there about 15 min. into their set, so it was already a packed house. It was much too dark in there, so the video came out kinda crappy. After the show, Kevin Seconds played an "acoustic" set at the Cobra Lounge. Great show & got great video of that show. Post that later. In the mean time enjoy these tracks recorded last night. Heading to the Raygun show now!

Riot Fest 2009 (Live At The Beat Kitchen)

Committed For Life
In Your Face
Walk Together, Rock Together
Here's Your Warning
If The Kids Are United
Get It


brekinapez said...

That would be "In Your Face" off Walk Together, Rock Together

ograwker said...

Thank You!

Chris said...

Wish I could have gone. Love Naked Raygun. Thanks for the next best thing in the form of youtube videos.