Monday, October 24, 2011

The Avengers - Frontier Records 30th Anniversary - Live At The Echoplex

Still going strong with original members Penelope Houston & Greg Ingraham, The Avengers were next to take the stage. They played tracks from both E.P.'s & their 1983 album. I think I Believe In Me was the only track missing from their set. They even included their version of The Rolling Stone's Paint It Black. Now unfortunately this was the last band I got on camera. All 4 of my camera batteries were totally juiced after The Avengers. Besides there's already an abundance of live material from T.S.O.L. & The Adolescents available on the interwebs.

Also check here for a great review/photos from the show.

Frontier Records 30th Anniversary - Live At The Echoplex

We Are The One
Thin White Line
Teenage Rebel
Open Your Eyes
Corpus Christi
Uh Oh!
Cheap Tragedies
White Nigger
Car Crash
Paint It Black
The American In Me
Get It


Vapir No2 Vaporizer said...

Stress had developed between Greg Ingraham and Penelope Dallas, and at the end of 1978, Ingraham stop the collection.

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