Saturday, October 15, 2011

The Middle Class - Frontier Records 30th Anniversary - Live At The Echoplex

27 years later, The Middle Class were finally set to take the stage. I think most everyone that night came out to see this highly anticipated reunion. Playing tracks from everyone of their releases, the band definitely did not disappoint. The atmospheric post punk of their later records blended well with the adrenaline-induced hardcore of their earlier material. Both old and young danced, stared, screamed, & yelled in awe of this great bands long awaited performance. Bass player Mike Patton closed it out with a "cover" of Eddie & The Subtitles American Society. I say "cover" because Mike Patton did play bass on the original record. So is it really a cover? Hope you all enjoy this music as much as I got the chance to that night.

Frontier Records 30th Anniversary - Live At The Echoplex

Home Is Where
You Belong
Restless Young Men
Above Suspicion
Love Is Just A Tool
Introductory Rites
Ritual & Deceit
Blueprint For Joy
Out Of My Hands
Last Touch
Out of Vogue
Track 16
She Cracked
American Society
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Anonymous said...

great stuff. but, do u have other bands from that night?

ograwker said...

Yes. Just check earlier posts.