Monday, January 5, 2009

The Dicks III

These People (Alternative Tentacles 1985 Virus 43) was the bands second record to be released during their time in San Francisco. Being their final release, it was subject to many disappointing reviews. Despite what others may say, I still find this record to be quite enjoyable. Lost And Divided & Cities Are Burning are my two favorite tracks. You may be familiar with Dead In A Motel Room from their split with the Big Boys. Though it was written in 1980 with the original line-up, it was never recorded in the studio until this record. Enjoy!

These People

The Police (Force)
Off-Duty Sailor
Executive Dive
Sidewalk Begging
Lost And Divided
Dead In A Motel Room
Cities Are Burning
Doctor Daddy
Decent And Clean
Legacy Of Man
Little Rock n' Roller
George Jackson
Get It

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A classic! Thanks. Still have the original vinyl. Too bad this (the 1st album as well) has never been re-released - that Alternative Tentacles comp. was decent, but you just need to hear the whole discography...

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Anonymous said...

Hey. I work for Alternative Tentacles and we don't really appreciate music from bands on our label being pirated- the bands authorize us to distribute their music and are paid by us for it. Please link to our website if you want to send your readers to the album. If you would like a promotional song to put on this or future posts about Alternative Tentacle bands, please feel free to email and we'll hook you up!