Monday, January 19, 2009

Marginal Man

After Artificial Peace broke up in 1982, Marginal Man was formed. The following year they went to Inner Ear to record an album with Don Zientara. It was released in 1984 as Identity (Dischord #13). Along with the Faith's Subject To Change album from the previous year, this album really showed the new melodic direction the D.C. scene was heading into. My favorite tracks are Missing Rungs, Emotional Scars, & of course, Marginal Man. Enjoy!


Missing Rungs
Torn Apart
Mental Picture
Pandora's Box
Fallen Pieces
Emotional Scars
Marginal Man
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Donovan said...

I've been looking for Marginal Man, and Soulsides Hot Bodi-Gram for far too long thank you thank you!

viagra facts said...

Marginal band indeed, with an awful tasted and terrible performance!