Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Soul Side

Lunch Meat released a split 7'' with Mission Impossible in 1985. The next year the band changed their to Soul Side & released their first full length, Less Deep Inside Keeps (Dischord/Sammich 1986). Two years later they followed it up with my favorite album of theirs, Trigger. Many great songs like Problems Faced When Traveling, Name In Mind, & War. This album shows a great deal of progress not only in musicianship, but also lyric content. Great stuff. Enjoy!


Name In Mind
Problems Faced When Traveling
Pocket Hurts
Get It


Buske said...

Ironic. I was just sitting here listening to Ignition (sparked from your previous post) and thought to myself, "Some Soulside would be nice".

Thanks and keep up the great work. You've unearthed some real gems for me.

kennyhel77 said...

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