Tuesday, December 25, 2007


Kingface was another one of those highly underrated bands. They came out of the D.C. scene in the late eighties. Unlike other bands like Soul Side, Rites of Spring, & Gray Matter, they had more of a rock approach rather than melodic. In 1987 they released their 6 song self titled 12"(Self-Released). From the opening harmonica in Crawl Into Tomorrow, to the self-reflective lyrics in Like A King, not one track is a let down. Great music and definitely worth a listen. I believe they did put out one other record and a few live bootlegs, but I haven't tracked them down yet. Dischord released a discography in '95. Here's a nice link to some background info and discography.


Crawl Into Tomorrow
I Don't Want To Be Anything
Lick The Moon
Like A King
Get It


Greg said...

Hi, thanx for this, haven't seen it anywhere... look forward to hearing it. Cheers.

Anonymous said...

Awesome. I heard these guys on the State of The Union comp from Dischord but never heard anything else. Thanks!!!

Anonymous said...

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