Monday, September 28, 2009

Chicago vs. Amsterdam

Back again with another split 7". Same Chicago bands as the last post plus two bands from Amsterdam. A-side has Talkpeople from The Bollweevils which is a bit of a love song, but it's still a pretty good track. Unfocused from 88 Fingers Louie has a great opening bass line and is really one of my favorite tracks of theirs. Now prior to ripping this 7", I never really heard of the two Amsterdam bands. I've heard of Funeral Oration, but never heard their music. Never heard anything about NRA. They're both ok I guess. You decide. Stay tuned!

Chicago vs. Amsterdam 7"

The Bollweevils - Talkpeople
88 Fingers Louie - Unfocused
Funeral Oration - I Can Not Stand
NRA - Fuel
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tonaldefiance said...

awesome stuff man! thanks so much!

tonaldefiance said...

would you like me to post ambition mission up here for you? It's another good Chicago punk band.

ograwker said...

That would be great! Never heard them, but I'm always up for new music/bands! When were they around?

Anonymous said...

I seriously recommend seeking out more Funeral Oration. They were a great band, somewhat versatile playing hardcore with a post punk flare during the early and mid eighties incarnation until they broke up in 1990. The line ups that recorded stayed intact for the most part and when they reformed in 1993 with a somewhat more melodic hardcore sound they nailed it and never got their due. It does sound pop-ish sometimes in retrospect but the subject matter always gave them a grounded dark ambiance. How they wound up on Hopeless Records is beyond me. The only band I ever bought from that label. Both the singer Peter and drummer Eric died a few years back in sad and bizarre accidents. Worth mentioning is Eric also played in two other noteworthy hardcore bands from Amsterdam, Gepopel and Yawp!