Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Repost: Reptile House!

After a month and some odd days, I'm back from the dead once again! Been very busy past couple weeks and will be even more so in the weeks to come. I will find some time though to keep this site running. So even though I'm gone don't think your comments have gone unnoticed! I know many of you out have been asking for my first post to be reupped, so here it is!

I made brand new rips of both their 7" & their LP, complete with scans. If you're new to the band and don't know much about them, check out my original post here. Otherwise enjoy the newly ripped tunes! So stay tuned because I'm back with much more to come. I got more 70's, Chicago, & I even got a live recording of Patti Smith's free show she put on last week at the Santa Monica Pier! Which by the way is 100 years old today. (the pier, not Patti Smith) But what an amazing show she put on! Stay Tuned!

I Stumble As The Crow Flies E.P.

Keel-Haul Love
Social Champion
Mrs. Rain
Sleestak Weather
Get It

Listen To The Power Soul

Power Soul
Ike's Hammer
Evil Iron Any Day Now
Para PolyAnna
Mother Michigan
Sky Head
Get It

P.S. Check THIS out to get their song off the Bouncing Babies Comp.


topper said...

Nice to see you back..

Anonymous said...

Oh glory day! Hanx!
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Honquijote said...

Hell yeah, thanks again for delivering the goods...

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Anonymous said...

any chance you could possible repost the reptile house LP and comp track? i would be very, very grateful.