Wednesday, September 30, 2009

The Effigies III

It's a shame these guys aren't playing Riot Fest this year. Maybe we'll get lucky & they'll play a secret show, but I won't keep my fingers crossed. So today I got for you their infamous Remains Nonviewable 7". Or otherwise better known as the Body Bag 7".
This truly is a stellar record. If you don't know this song by now, then you need to put away your crappy Sex Pistols Cd's & get on board with some real shit. This song was known to start riots. Hell I wanna start one every time I hear it! With the erie xylophone intro to the opening drums, each pound of the drum is like a punch to the face.

Now in no way did The Effigies ever advocate violence. Just take a look at the insert headed "Boycott Fascist Culture". It was just something that happened. It was part of the scene. Now I'm not saying you would go to a show to deliberately fuck someone up. Not to say there wasn't people out there like that and still are today. But if you have any kind of human decency and respect, when you knock someone down in these "viscous circles", you better bend your ass over and help them up. Otherwise, you got yourself an enemy for the rest of the night. And that's the last thing we all need is another enemy. With so many all around us, that's the last thing we need to be doing is fighting each other.

Anyways, I'm just rambling on now. As for Security, what other song makes you wanna dance without losing your masculinity? Great stuff. The only other that comes to mind is Entertainment from Really Red, but still doesn't come close to the anguish & aggression felt in this song. So please enjoy this music as I have for many years. Stay Tuned!

Remains Nonviewable 7"

Body Bag
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Anonymous said...

Cracking Band. I've got nearly all their stuff except the Ink album. Could you please post that up?


Reza :-)

Anonymous said...

The Boycott Fascist Culture insert wasn't written by the Effigies. It was included as a mockery of the people who thought punk was fascistic.

Thanks for the great posts. I salute you.

ograwker said...

Yea I figured it wasn't their actual word, just something they came across. Thank you much for the info though. And if you like this,then just wait. I got an entire set from them I recorded on Friday. I'll be posting all the audio from the entire set plus a few video clips. This among many surprises to come. Patience........

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