Thursday, December 6, 2007

Dead Silence

I heared a story yesterday of some 19 yr. old in Kentucky (I think) mall that shot like 8 people and then himself. Police said there was a suicide note left behind that said "I wanted to go out in style, and now at least I'll be famous". Disgust. The first thing that comes to mind. The many selfish & ignorant worms that slither & crawl amongst us in this world. Disgusting.

Reminds of story portrayed in a song. "Sally" has to be one of the greatest songs that Colorado's Dead Silence ever wrote. It was released on the Hope 7" Timekiller Records 1989. A story is told of a girl so hopeless & small, so empty & weary. Death by one's own self his her "only" solution. Pure distain towards people of this matter is heared through & through in Kevin Vulture's haunting voice. Art. Story telling at it's best. From the streets that is. Now although I personally prefer the slightly faster version on the Metal Gives Us A Headache E.P. ( link found below) a bit more, this one is still great. On the B-side we got Faith River (minor scuff on this one) which is the lesser of the three. Victim Of Yourself is another adrenaline rushed adventure that pounds into your head. Great stuff. Their whole catalog is worth tracking down. You will not be disappointed. Also included in the file is a scan of the lyrics for Sally. With a song like this, you need to know every word bellowing from your speakers.

Hope 7"

Faith River
Victim Of Yourself

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MR. WIGGLES said...

NOOOOO!!! Why must this link be dead...I have been searching so long for this album...