Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Double O

Diehard D.C. Fans, this one's for you! Double O were one of thee MOST underated bands to ever come out of D.C. Their only official release was 1983's Self Titled E.P. on Dischord/R&B. They also had one song on the Charred Remains Tape. In 1982, they recorded several demos that was later released as Double Barreled 2x7" bootleg. Very rare and very raw, these demos display a much more standard D.C. hardcore sound. Although not quite up to par with their E.P., they are still an essential piece of D.C. hardcore history. Vocalist Eric L. would also go on to front Dove, while bassist Bert Q. (D.C.'s best bassist!) would aslo play in Second Wind and Rain. Now scince these are demos the audio quality ain't the best, but I'm sure most of you fans out there (You know who you are) won't mind one bit. "No Reply" is still one of the best D.C. hardcore songs ever! But that's just my opinion. Listen & find out for yourself!

Double Barreled 2x7"

Fade Out
No Limits
No Limits II
No Reply
No Reply II
No Reply III
Putting D.C. On The Map
Take A Position
Take A Position II
Take A Position III
The End
The End II
The End III
Get It


Anonymous said...

Great Post!You're right ya know nobody really mentions this band much...didn't they have any other demos? Im pretty sure they did, although, I can't recall, or find the cassete I have. Thankx-Arrgee

Punk Not Profit said...

Killer post! Thanks for the link.


Punxfat said...

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k-xi said...

VG music buddy!!! i linked u!! un abrazo y suerte!!!!

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Suds Denim said...

Yeah man, Double O is sick. Interested in finding lyrics to no reply, do you have them? Something about killing a foreigner, anti-war song or something. My band was covering it and I had to make up lyrics aside from the obvious ones.