Sunday, December 16, 2007

Man Sized Action

Here's another interesting & sadly overlooked Midwest band. Though a bit more obscure, with rhythmic drums, hypnotizing guitar, & throbbing bass, these guys created a sound all their own. Man Sized Action were from Minneapolis, Minnesota. This cold vacuum of space gave birth to many great bands. MSA had a small catalogue, releasing only two full lengths & a few songs on two different comps. Here we have their first album Claustrophobia (Reflex 1983). Simple yet never boring, each song takes you on it's on little journey. Especially the title track, what a hell of a depressing ride that one is! Last Days Of Man On Earth did a post on their second album Five Story Garage. (Link Found Below) This album is pure obscurity. Fantastic obscurity. A must have.

Now scince this is one of my favorite bands, I'm gonna include their live stuff also. Perhaps their best recorded material, their tracks off the Barefoot & Pregnant Comp. (1982) & the Kitten Comp. (1983) are all live. There's a few tracks here not found on either of their albums. Great Stuff. Unfortunatley I have not tracked down the original tapes so these comp. tracks come from the CD reissue. Claustrophobia is taken from the original vinyl. Download, enjoy, & comment if you like them!

Pressure Relief
Bubble Bursts
Who's Kiddin' Who
Don't Wanna
Private Eye
Self Respect
My Life
Looking At You

Barefoot & Pregnant
Everybody's Happy
Pressure Relief
I Hit Girls


Only You


Anonymous said...

Great post, I had this many years ago and unwittingly traded it away when I thought I had outgrown it. THANKS

Anonymous said...

I found MSA's second LP in a Vancouver junk shop for 50 cents... Wasn't digging it (very Minneapolis) and gave it to a friend who was into Husker Du. Claustrophobia on the other hand...

Anonymous said...

Can you re--up this link? I am just discovering your great site.
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