Thursday, December 13, 2007

The Fix

The Fix originated in Lansing, Michigan. They had only 3 official releases: Vengeance 7", Jan's Room E.P., & the Process of Elimination E.P. Comp. All of these were released on Touch and Go. The original releases are all very rare and usually very expensive. Here we have an amazing live set from 1981. It comes from the Cold Days LP released on Lost and Found. Side A consists of the Vengeance Session and the Jan's Room Session, while the B Side has an entire live set. This is a Grade-A midwest cut right here. It's like a slab of raw meat getting thrown right in your face. Reminiscent of Husker Du's Land Speed Record for it's break-neck speed and mere seconds pause between each song. Bursting with fury, speed, & whole lotta stamina.

Cold Days (B-side)
Vengeance/The Letter
Off The War
In This Town
Rat Patrol
Candy Store
Cold Days
Teenage Life/I'm A Believer
Cos The Elite


sam said...

put some adicts

aesop said...

Killer band. I posted "Jan's Rooms" on my blog:

also added your link.