Monday, March 24, 2008

The Dicks

What the hell can I say about The Dicks that hasn't been said already? Classic Texas punk rock. Won't waste my time with any background info, if you don't know who The Dicks are then you're just an asshole! First we got a nice 10" record of theirs aptly named Ten Inches. It contains a great live recording from the Punk Rock Prom at the Armadillo World Headquarters in 1980. Six great songs with great sound. Great recording of All Night Fever too, one of my favorite Dicks tracks. Next is the Hog 7''. This one contains outtakes from the original Hate The Police Session, also recorded in 1980. I find myself favoring this 7'' version of Pigs Run Wild over the Kill From The Heart version. Hate The Police sounds almost identical to the original 7'' version. Check them out for yourself! Both records were released on Delta Pop Music. Here's a list of where you can grab most of their other records.

Hate The Police 7''
Big Boys/The Dicks - Live At Raul's (Dicks side only)
Kill From The Heart
These People (Mono not Stereo. I know , it sucks!)

Ten Inches

Kill From The Heart
Bourgeois Fascist Pig
Wheelchair Epidemic
Little Boy's Feet
Night Fever

Hog 7''

Hate The Police
Pigs Run Wild
Get Both


Erich said...

Wow, the 10" and especially the 7" songs are awesome!! Any idea where I can get these? What label are they on?

Anonymous said...

got mine august 2006
pink/yellow vinyl 12"
blue/orange vinyl 7"
maybe out of print?
also sold at dicks reunion shows as cdr's.

Anonymous said...

just noticed all included on the hungry butt cd as well as 2005 show