Wednesday, March 19, 2008

No Trend

Another great and highly underrated band from D.C., No Trend's earliest incarnation came about in 1981. They went under the name The Aborted and played one gig with Government Issue. Drummer Michael Salkind left for college for a year. Upon arrival back in D.C., he first played drums for United Mutation. In late 1982 he was kicked out and then went back with The Aborted's singer Jeff, who had now started No Trend. They've often been called D.C.'s Flipper. Though they do bear some similarities, I like No Trend a hell of a lot more than Flipper. They definitely had a knack for pissing people off. Bleak, shrill rants a top a sludging noise. Beautiful. In 1983 they went into the great Inner Ear Studios and recorded a nine song session with Don Zientara. Only three of these songs would go on to be released on their first 7". They would go on to put out a few more records with different members, all of which are pretty rare. You can find their first full length here. First three tracks were released on the 7'', the other six went unreleased. All nine tracks come from the Early Month's CD on Teenbeat records. If any one's interested, I also have a live set of theirs from Baltimore 1983. Enjoy!

Inner Ear Session 1983

Mass Sterilization
Teen Love
Hanging Out In Georgetown
Kiss Ass
Family Style
Reality Breakdown
Human Garbage
Purple Paisleys Make Me Happy
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Anonymous said...

Hey Ograwker,
Rg here with an apology, sorry bout not getting bak to you sooner re: YIS, I'm workin on gettin it to ya sorry for how long it is taking. I recieved your e-mail, thanx for your patience>Rg.

eric said...

Thanks for posting this NO TREND collection. I saw them live a few times, they were great/very funny.
I'd love to hear the live show you have, if you get a chance, could you post it?

Anonymous said...

you are a god

Anonymous said...

Oh please, post the live set. I´ve never heard a single piece of live action from them. Thanks for this collection. You rule.

John said...

Hey bro, PLEASE, post your live No Trend...please. Cheers!

John said...

Once again...PLEASE, post the No Trend live set. Thank you!

Anonymous said...

Can you post the Live No Trend set again...