Thursday, March 27, 2008

The Proletariat

One of my favorite bands to derive from Boston, The Proletariat began playing shows in 1981. Unlike other bands in the area like Gang Green, Jerry's Kids, Negative FX, DYS, & SSD, they weren't focused on merely fast and fierce. They wrote intelligent songs with powerful lyrics and well-thought out music. They made their debut with tracks on the This Is Boston Not L.A. comp. in 1982. The first LP, Soma Holiday, was released in 1983. In 1985 they released the Marketplace 7'', which has to one of my favorite songs from them next to Indifference. The B-side was never released on an album while Marketplace was included on the Indifference LP, which was released later that same year. Their whole catalogue is worth tracking down. Great stuff!

Marketplace 7''

Death Of A Hedon


Donut Duck said...

Great and original band. Their last album "Indifference" was both a lyrical & aural masterpiece.

greatmazinga said...

There is a double CD on Taang with all (?) of their stuff. Excellent all the way thru.