Monday, March 10, 2008

Ground Zero

Ground Zero was from Minneapolis, Minnesota. They played alongside bands like Man Sized Action, Rifle Sport, & Willful Neglect. Their first output was on the Kitten compilation (Reflex C 1982). The self titled debut album was released in 1984 (Reflex I). After listening to both you would most likely deny the fact that it's the same band. From a solid Husker Du style hardcore, to a spastic, funkish, almost Minutemen approach. There's even a nice cover of the Peanuts song. Now there are a few cheesy kinda goofy songs, but can you blame them for trying to have a sense of humor? So if anyone enjoys this Midwest obscurity, let me know and I'll post their second record.


Bombed Out Bob
Why Grow Up/City News/Prejudice/Agitation

Ground Zero

Performance Mufflers
Bummed Out Bob
President's Hair
Fort McPoop In A Shoe
You Think You're So Perfect
Where's The Ice
Chemical Dependency
Ground Zero
The Day After....
Porno Store Exit
Get Both


Anonymous said...

Cool to see all these forgotten midwest bands, some awesome stuff on this blog! Any chance of the Effigies "Ink", "For Ever Grounded", or some Otto's Chemical Lounge?

ograwker said...

I do have For Ever Grounded. As for Otto's Chemical Lounge, haven't been able to track their records down either, but if anyone out there does please make it available. More Midwest bands to come!

jeff said...

thanks fer the "ground zero", sure brings back the memories.

Anonymous said...

Linked up over at

Anonymous said...

Any chance of a re-up? Been looking for GZ's GZ for ages, but now your dl links aren't working.