Tuesday, April 1, 2008

La Peste

Forming in 1976, La Peste was part of the first wave of punk and probablly one of the first punk bands in Boston. (Fill me in if I'm wrong!) They played shows at The Rat & Cantone's alongside others like the The Ramones & The Damned. In 1977 they recorded a session in a loft that bassist Mark Karl was renting. 1978 saw the release of their Better Off Dead single. They would eventually disband sometime in 1979. You can find the A-side to the single and a few live tracks from 1979 here. The tracks found here are taken from the Better Off La Peste 1977-1978 CD. More great 70's punk to come!

A Million thanks To Jordan Kratz for this one!

Euphoria Studio

Whites Of Your Eyes
Skin Tight

The Loft Tapes

Acid Test
Die In My Sleep
Figure It Out
Don't Know Right From Wrong
Kill Me Now
Leave Me Alone
Pop Rock Polls
The Road
Get Both


gorehound13 said...

Just sop you know I am the guy who put this CD together.
I am responsible for recording LaPeste and that Cd has a bunch of my personal recordings of the band.
I am Jordan Kratz and if interested my music and art is at
I give my music away all at 320k if you want to check it out.
Look at that better off lapeste and you will see my name on it.

Anonymous said...

hey man, could you re-up this one? Why don´t you use Mediafire, is mmuch better.